What happens to those who eat 5 radishes with high cholesterol, hypertension and high blood sugar? Incredible

Radishes keep bad cholesterol levels down. They contain potassium which keeps blood pressure in check. They have a low glycemic index which favors those with high blood sugar.

What to eat to lower cholesterol?

Lentils have polyunsaturated fatty acids and lots of fiber. These molecules are a great natural tool for lowering blood cholesterol. For this they reduce the risks of heart disease. Being very rich in fiber, they help regulate intestinal transit, fight constipation and become allies against cholesterol. They are also an excellent source of iron. These legumes are indicated in case of anemia but also for vegetarians who can eat them instead of meat. They should be consumed with foods rich in vitamin C.

What to eat to lower blood sugar?

Lentils contain complete carbohydrates, which are slowly absorbed by the body. The fibers they offer are able to regulate blood sugar levels. Lentils have amylose. This substance is a starch or a slow-release carbohydrate. It means that it is less digestible and its consumption results in a smaller and more gradual increase in blood sugar. Regular consumption of these legumes can help in weight control thanks to the excellent sense of satiety they guarantee. Lentils, with their high oxalate content, could cause kidney stones to form.

What are the benefits of radishes?

Radishes offer anthocyanins. They are substances with antioxidant properties that bring benefits to heart health. Radishes promote the circulation of metabolites and protect the health of the cardiovascular system. 5 radishes a day provide the right amount of dietary fiber. Fiber improves intestinal motility and helps prevent constipation. They are low in carbohydrates, have a low glycemic index and do not create blood sugar swings. Radishes are rich in vitamin C, folic acid and anthocyanins. They are all useful substances for the treatment of cancer of the kidneys, intestines, stomach and oral cavity.

What do radishes contain?

Radishes can be eaten sliced ​​in salads. The leaves can be eaten in pinzimonio before the main meal. It does not matter to peel them but for this reason it is good to choose organic farming products. Radishes can also be used to make juices. Here is a summary of what radishes contain:

  • Water 95%.
  • Protein 0.7%.
  • Fat 0.1%.
  • Carbohydrates 3.4%.
  • Fibre 1,6%.
  • Kcal 16.
  • Glycemic index 15.
  • Cholesterol 0.


eat radishes high cholesterol hypertension high blood sugar Incredible

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