try going back to work tomorrow. Sickness certificates are increasing

try going back to work tomorrow. Sickness certificates are increasing
try going back to work tomorrow. Sickness certificates are increasing

The roof of the a hundred millions from green pass downloaded. The obligation of green certification, started last Friday for public and private work, has imposed a significant acceleration, especially in view of the resumption of the working week, starting tomorrow. This Monday will be a real test after D-Day on Friday 15 October.

The surge in sickness certificates

I am indeed 2.5 million i pass issued between Thursday and Saturday. Of these, 1.8 million result from tampons. And the test ‘machine’ will be put under stress this week, given the great demand and their short validity (48 hours). Already today queues have formed in front of the entrance of several pharmacies. Beyond the protests still in progress, such as at the port of Trieste, there are fears of an increase in defections after the + 23% of sickness certificates recorded last Friday compared to the previous week.

The hypothesis: two million at home

The Cgia of Mestre estimate in 2 millions workers who could stay at home tomorrow because they are unable to swab. The total number of passes issued by the national platform therefore rose to 100,595,790. On Friday the record (867,039, of which 653,827 from swabs). A surge in tests, but the first administrations of the anti-Covid vaccine are also on the rise, as reported by the structure of the emergency commissioner, general Francesco Figliulo.

With 90% coverage via the green pass

The president of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, hypothesized a possible elimination of the Green pass within the year “if the campaign reaches 90%”. The advisor to the Minister of Health, Walter Ricciardi, opened to an easing of the state of emergency: “We are at least moving towards a security situation, even if the pandemic is not over”. Currently, vaccination coverage concerns 43,847,511 Italians who have completed their cycle. This is 74% of the total population, 81.2% of the vaccinable audience, that of the over 12. It will be seen in the coming days if the annoyance of having to swab every two days will lead to an erosion of the hard core of the ‘ no vax ‘: I am still 2.8 million for not having received a single dose of vaccine. While the third doses have risen to 581,132.

Long queues in front of pharmacies

The data of the last 24 hours confirm that the pandemic is currently under control: the new positives were 2,437 and the victims 24; the positivity rate remains stable at 0.6%, while ICU patients continue to decline for the Coronavirus: there are 349, with a reduction of three units compared to the previous day. While the number of people admitted to ordinary wards increased by 16: 2,386. In view of the recovery she ran to the tampons, therefore, with the crowded pharmacies on public holidays and also some critical issues. In Turin, in the San Salvario district, a police patrol had to intervene to check the long queue that had created in front of a pharmacy. The snake of people, up to a hundred, has also created some inconvenience to the roads. “We have been working tirelessly since this morning – they say from the business – we had a certain number of reservations”, but many more showed up knowing of free access. In the afternoon, long queues in front of pharmacies – up to 400 people waiting for those offering discounted test packages – were also seen in Bolzano.

No staff, closed offices

Meanwhile, a preview of what could happen in the next few days in some realities took place this afternoon at the Accademia Gallery in Florence, remained closed due to lack of personnel following the strike against the obligation of the pass in the workplace. On the public order front, after yesterday’s clashes a Milano (the police are examining the position of 40 anarchists, while two people have been arrested), the tension remained high in the port of Trieste, where the ‘no green pass’ announced mobilizations and protests to the bitter end.

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