Montichiari, found legionella in the Marcolini kindergarten and in the gym

Montichiari, found legionella in the Marcolini kindergarten and in the gym
Montichiari, found legionella in the Marcolini kindergarten and in the gym

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“In gym of Novagli and at theMarcolini kindergarten, despite the preventive actions, it was detected the presence of legionella»: The mayor Marco Togni confirms this in a note, explaining how the Municipality has chosen to intervene.

«We promptly proceeded to carry out a new treatment (in addition to those regularly scheduled, ed) with specific products and with further thermal shocks – informs the mayor -. There Marcolini kindergarten was equipped with water tanks for washing children’s hands and the changing rooms of the Novagli gym were closed. I want to remember, in fact, that legionella creates problems in the presence of water mist in temperature and with water vapor, but not with cold running water. As Administration we have informed both the school and the health authority of the results of the analyzes and treatments of the plants and Ats has confirmed the correctness of the procedures adopted “.

At the moment, from what is learned, the results of the new ones are awaited samples made to check if the action was successful: the results should come in one fortnight. In the meantime, however, “the functionality of the use of the bathrooms was guaranteed and it was not necessary to suspend the lessons,” specifies the mayor. In the note, it also informs about the preventive measures which are implemented “on a regular basis: it is from 2019 that with the restart of school activities the Municipality regularly provides for carry out analysis and treatments provided for by recent legislation to combat the phenomenon of legionella – reports Togni -. During the summer break, even more so after a year of stoppage due to Covid, the supply of water in buildings such as schools and gyms is significantly reduced, favoring situations of stagnation. This year, thermal shocks were carried out and the taps nozzles were replaced. Subsequently, the samples for the analysis laboratory were carried out ».

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Montichiari legionella Marcolini kindergarten gym

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