The mayors betray the people. Guzzonato: “We wanted to participate in the health event”

In recent years the mayors of the Conference of District 2 Ulss7 Pedemontana have risen several times when someone dared to define them as not united, but the rift that reigns within the group came out entirely on the occasion of the protest tomorrow, Saturday 16 October.

The news we gave you yesterday is confirmed: the mayors of the Alto Vicentino, not even those of the executive, will not participate in the procession from Schio to the Santorso hospital.

They will not do it because the last time they met they were divided between those who wanted to support the angry people for the decline of social and health services and those who instead declared that they do not even talk about being present. The declarations that disappointed and embittered the Alto Vicentino Health Protection Committee, which never would have expected a turnaround by the first citizens, who are so called because they are the first representatives of the people, are significant.

Last night the statement in full Christian Democratic style by President Franco Balzi, who told reporters that he will go to the event, but not in an institutional capacity. He will go there to “listen”.

In the same press release, Balzi declares that he does not feel like taking any action against the direction of the Ulss7, with which the mayors say they are working peacefully to restore health care activities. Words that you could see that were lined up so as not to miss a comma, that who knows how long it took to write it and that probably had to serve not to step on anyone’s toes. The classic “ rimbottismo ” of those who do not know how to take a position. Yet the Health Committee had been more than clear: “It is not a protest against the Ulss7, it only wants to be an action by a population not indifferent to what is happening not only inside the Santorso hospital, but also to social services, which hit the frail in society.

The Committee, precisely in order not to politicize and risk losing the meaning of the initiative that was supposed to bring together all spheres of citizenship in the Alto Vicentino, had asked the participants not to present themselves with flags of parties, movements or trade unions, but to carry only banners. This is also not to embarrass the first citizens who have given up. In recent days, the members of the Committee have begged the first citizens to be present without political ideology, lowering the colors of the parties for a common cause that should be the first value of a civil society: health.

In the afternoon of today the position taken by a young mayor of the Alto Vicentino who is not up to the decision of the executive, to renounce the presence at the side of the people.

Marco Guzzonato was very clear, unlike Balzi and the mayors of Thiene and Schio. The latter, from the pages of the Giornale di Vicenza, today, Friday 15 October, declared that they will not participate in the parade because never as in this historical moment “have they managed to dialogue with a general management that seems to have all the desire to reorganize the services, to improve the quality of care and to make a hospital shine again in which good money was paid out, with project financing that weighs on the pockets of the citizens of Alto Vicentino.

The eloquent words of the mayors headed by Marco Guzzonato

“With regard to the square on Saturday, the people of the Alto Vicentino must be listened to and supported when they demand attention and urgent solutions for the problems of our hospital and local services, with a view to defending public health. We are the Mayors who proposed to participate in the parade, as it is not a question, and on this we wish to be very clear, to attack the Management, with whom we have collaborated and will collaborate without reservations. Instead, we have adapted, with great human and political effort, to the unified choice of being represented by President Balzi, who has tried hard to mediate the positions. However, given that other colleagues have released their comments and added considerations to the joint statement, we do so too, in order to give representation to all the points of view that exist in our Committee. The mediation found by the executive must be respected, but this does not mean that many mayors would have liked to be present at the event and are worried about the situation of our local service hospital. We therefore forcefully delegate the President to represent us on Saturday, not to be present, but to listen to and support the right demands of citizenship. In compliance with the agreement found, we will not be physically present at the demonstration on Saturday afternoon. We invite citizens to participate in support of public health in the Alto Vicentino ”.

Mayor of Marano Vicentino Marco Guzzonato, Mayor of Sarcedo Luca Cortese, Mayor of Breganze Piera Campana, Mayor of Carrè Valentina Maculan, Mayor of Salcedo Gianantonio Gasparini, Mayor of Valli del Pasubio Carlo Bettanin

Too many services don’t work

If the Obstetrics and Gynecology ward continues to ‘shine’ and even after years the Pediatrics ward turns out to be a flagship, thanks to the presence of the Scollo brothers, there are wards of the hospital that seem to make water on all sides. For years we have been denouncing the situation of Orthopedics, where you have to pray the providence not to end up if you fracture an arm or a leg, where not only is there a massive absence of doctors, but where not even the agreement with Padua has managed to stem a leak. huge. Altovicentinonline denounced it this summer and fortunately (we are sorry for the colleague who had the misadventure) also the journalist Dennis Dellai of the Giornale di Vicenza, today he told, thanks to his personal experience, what you live in that department. If they give you an appointment at 9 o’clock you have to thank heaven if you come in at 13. Woe to you to get hurt on a Saturday night: you risk staying in the ER all night.

We want to talk about child neuropsychiatry, which at the beginning of 2000 brought parents who had discovered the mental problems of their children from the south and even from Trentino Alto Adige. Today there is nothing left and you should go to Padua or Verona for a diagnosis for which you cannot wait too long, so as not to compromise the rehabilitation of the disabled child.

Abandoned parents with adolescent children with autism and other neuro-psychiatric disorders. Mothers and fathers who have to faint to find professionals to take care of their children. The relief is only through those Ceods for which we have to wait years and years. There is no speech therapist, psychomotor specialist, even the psychologist is missing, who after being forced to leave because she was never hired, was never replaced.

All problems that have been reported in the press, also told through the humiliation of parents forced to bare themselves in their daily difficulties and punctually postponed or forced to leave in tears to seek the solution elsewhere. Disorders, shortcomings and glaring inefficiencies that the mayors who today give up going to the parade know very well, because the stories have been extensively and repeatedly told. Mayors who pay out money for services that do not exist, but who at conferences, in front of managers, always have an attitude of submission that contrasts with the role they have chosen and for which they were elected by the citizens who trusted them.

And then they take it out on the press if it dares to point out their attitude of passive presence within an organ that should fight, but which always chooses the compromise of politics, takes refuge in partisanship, betraying the people as it has decided to do not joining the demonstration on Saturday.

It will be curious to see, and we will be in the front row to immortalize them, who will have the courage to participate in the acrobatic show of Tricolor arrows in Thiene when, a few kilometers away, there will be mothers of the disabled, the elderly and the real people to parade for those rights that the mayors have given up on defending.

by Redazione Altovicentinonline

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