«Sanitary No Vax unjustifiable. Suspended in 52 “

On the first day of the mandatory green pass for all workers, the Medical Association also took the opportunity to take stock of health and vaccine employees, reiterating that no discounts will be given to No Vax. To answer point by point is the president of the Order, Domenico Crisarà.

Medical suspension No Vax

“The Order of Doctors of Padua does not grant justifications to No Vax doctors: 52 professionals suspended in the Padua area (only 4 hospital employees, while others are family doctors and freelancers, of which 9 reinstated and about another ten for which the reinstatement deed has not been received. The impression is that things are proceeding a bit slowly: no communication has been received from the ASL yet, therefore the Medical Association is not aware if they have been all formalities completed “.

Tamponi per Green Pass

«The Medical Association does not agree that GPs swabs for the Green Pass to people who do not wish to be vaccinated. Facilitating the journey for those who do not want to get vaccinated, without valid reasons, is not compatible with medical ethics. GPs cannot also take time away from patient care to help those who do not undergo vaccination ”the position reaffirmed today October 15 by the president of the Order, Domenico Crisarà.

Validity time of the pads

“The issue concerns the proposal to extend the time of effect of tampons from 48 to 72 hours to benefit those who do not undergo the vaccination and to make them perform fewer tampons during the working week. The Order believes that this issue is not of a political nature but that it should be studied, analyzed and possibly validated by the CTS, scientists and medical staff who are studying the virus. This is a medical-scientific decision that cannot be resolved with a political decree. If the CTS have established that the duration of validity of a buffer is 48 hours, it must be respected ».

Third dose

“The third dose of the anti Covid vaccine is absolutely necessary: ​​the entire Council of the Order, made up of about 20 doctors, will be vaccinated in the coming days with the third dose at the military hospital. Information will be given to the press ».

Influenza vaccination campaign

«The anti-flu campaign in Veneto starts on November 2nd. The general practitioners, about 600 in the Padua area, and some free choice pediatricians will be vaccinated. There should be no problems with the procurement of flu vaccines, as was the case last year. The important thing is that there is a continuum in vaccinations so that the campaign can be completed by the middle of December ».


Sanitary Vax unjustifiable Suspended

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