Third Modern dose suspended in the RSAs and for the over 80s in the hubs

The Ministry of Health – with a circular yesterday, October 8 – gave new indications for the booster dose of call for RSAs and for the over 80 in hubs: only the Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine should be used. This was announced by the Bergamo Health Protection Agency.

“We were ready to go with the booster vaccination (booster) with the Moderna vaccine in the RSAs as provided by the Ministry with a circular of 27 September and during the week training was carried out in the RSAs also for the use of the Poste system for booking – explains the Dr. Giuseppe Matozzo, social and health director of ATS Bergamo -. Two RSAs had withdrawn the Moderna vaccines from the ASST pharmacies to start administering them on Monday. And next week the delivery plan for all the other facilities was ready. In the light of what was decided by the Ministry of Health in these hours, the administrations will not be carried out pending receipt of new indications “.

The exclusive use of the Comirnaty vaccine for the booster dose, pending the ongoing EMA evaluations of the data on the Moderna vaccine, also applies to the over 80s: in the hubs this category of people will immediately receive the Pfizer vaccine. For the additional dose, Pfizer or Moderna vaccines can be used for the immunosuppressed categories.

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Modern dose suspended RSAs #80s hubs

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