Here is the sport we should all do to improve our body awareness

Here is the sport we should all do to improve our body awareness
Here is the sport we should all do to improve our body awareness

Our body needs constant training to be healthy. Not only to keep us fit and have an enviable physique, but also to help him have a correct posture. Posture is essential for living a peaceful life, without muscle or joint pain. A wrong position could create numerous back, leg and circulation problems. But here’s the sport we all should do to improve our body awareness.

It is about postural gymnastics. This type of physical activity has the sole purpose of improving posture through targeted exercises.

It may happen that over the years, due to many different factors, our body goes to adopt an incorrect posture. In the long run, this could cause a number of annoying ailments. Postural gymnastics could be effective to reduce joint pain and above all to help our body perform everyday movements with greater awareness and comfort.

Here is the sport we should all do to improve our body awareness

As we have said, incorrect posture could lead to numerous problems in the back, legs and our body in general. Poor posture could be caused by various factors.

One above all is a sedentary lifestyle, sitting in front of a computer for many hours a day. But even a wrong walk can, in the long run, promote poor posture. It is good, therefore, to go and check all these elements by an orthopedic doctor before jumping to conclusions.

In any case, postural gymnastics is suitable for everyone, even for those who do not have an incorrect posture but simply want to learn to have greater awareness of their body. It is a sport that can be practiced at all ages, even if only to maintain the right strength and tone of the joints and to deal with muscle aging correctly.

A postural gymnastics workout usually lasts an hour and a half. In this period of time the exercises that are done are numerous and range from the simplest breathing exercises to the most difficult ones concerning the back and spine. Depending on the specific needs, an even more specific training will be preferred.

Postural gymnastics is, in fact, a real therapeutic tool that could be very useful in cases of pathologies such as scoliosis or lumbar disorders in general.


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