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“The current urgencies are hospital distribution at the provincial level and territorial medicine”

“In recent days, there is a surprise on the 20 million that, initially promised to integrate territorial healthcare in the province, would instead have been diverted to the future new hospital. The regional councilor Donini promptly intervened, promising that the 20 million will be made available even if, to find them, it will be necessary to open a mortgage. The mayors finally declared themselves satisfied. Everything solved? No”. Thus the provincial coordination of the committees on health and territorial medicine intervenes to express its position on the quarrel that broke out in the socio-health conference between the mayors and the leaders of the Ausl.

“Those 20 million – explains the coordination – promised with great fanfare more than a year ago, today are still the subject of discussion and depend on the opening of a mortgage whose times and costs are all to be verified”.

“There is talk of first aid in Castel San Giovanni and Fiorenzuola without clarifying, however, whether they will be operational 24 a day and equipped with all the related services for this management and without clarifying what services the two hospitals will offer which, let us remember, in the social and health plan voted in the 2017 were Castelsangiovanni downsized and Fiorenzuola indicated above all for rehabilitation specialization ».

“For Bobbio there is talk of earthquake safety and new parking, but nothing more is said about his enhancement so much heralded behind the slogan of” mountain hospital “”.

«Homes of Health are still promised in all districts, but it is not yet known (both for existing and new ones) what services they will offer and what investments, in staff and diagnostic equipment Ausl intends to make. For now, what is being experienced in the few Health Homes in the province cannot be considered consistent with the objectives that the 2016 regional plan had indicated, indeed ».

“We believe it is urgent to clarify the destination of these 20 million. Apart from the promises on walls to be erected here and there, Ausl should clarify the model of provincial health that it intends to implement.

• Will Fiorenzuola and Castel San Giovanni maintain their hospital response capacity, thus avoiding diverting more and more services to the hospital in the capital?

• Will Bobbio maintain, as indicated in the health and social plan, his condition as an Osco or is it finally possible to think of a return to his previous hospital function?

• Will the current hospital in Piacenza, which for the next 10 years will still be the only multipurpose hospital in the capital, have adjusted the staff and equipment currently suffering?

• Will the Case della Salute have (all) endowments consistent with the health that the region had indicated in its territorial medicine plan? ”.

“This means, as we have been asking for months as the provincial coordination of the committees on health and territorial medicine, that the Social Health Conference and the Ausl, before starting to spend these 20 million, open to a profound verification of the Social Health Plan, to respond to the needs that the territory expresses. Because one thing is clear. That Social Health Plan and the consequent actions adopted in recent years are not improving Piacenza healthcare. Essential levels of assistance (Lea) for visits and hospitalizations that are not respected, peripheral territories of the province increasingly unguarded, Case della Salute that no one knows what services they offer and, in this void, a worrying increase in the use of private healthcare. We cannot cling to the idea that the new Piacenza hospital will solve everything, because in the meantime it is not there, and it will not be there for at least 10 years. The urgencies of now are hospital distribution at the provincial level and territorial medicine. And they can’t wait. “

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