Bolognina. Threats with a pistol (which later turned out to be shot) in the gym. Personal trainer in trouble

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07 October 2021 11:12


Querelle that arose in a gymnasium in Bologna degenerated into threats with the use of a gun which later turned out to be shot.

It happened yesterday afternoon at 6:30 pm. The police intervened on the spot, alerted by a personal trainer who asked for help in removing a client from the gym with whom a discussion had arisen. Csaus belli the fact that – according to the coach – the customer sold training cards to the other patrons of the gym. By scolding him for the illegal activity, the personal trainer summoned the subject to the office, inviting him to leave, which the latter refused to do.

Different version of the facts of the contender, who would have justified himself by saying that he did not sell training cards but only gave advice to other customers. Not only to the agents, confirmed the meeting in the office, he said he was threatened with a gun by the person trainer.

Gun that was found in the possession of the sportsman, who took it out of his jacket and handed it over to the police. This is a shotgun, without the red cap, which was seized. The subject, already with a similar precedent, was then denounced for aggravated threats.


Bolognina Threats pistol turned shot gym Personal trainer trouble

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