Here is the best time of the day for physical activity

Here is the best time of the day for physical activity
Here is the best time of the day for physical activity

Each of us, going towards the winter, will have to plan their physical activity. So, among the many commitments of work, family and home, establish a time of day in which to insert physical activity. If, then, you can choose, because if anything you are a housewife, even better. However, some will wonder if it is more appropriate and healthy to exercise in the evening or in the morning. So: after lunch, after dinner, as soon as you wake up, after work? Of course, there will be differences and drawbacks, which we need to know. Here, in the opinion of the experts, what is the best time of the day to do physical activity. First of all we clarify that, at the moment, there is no scientific evidence from which to infer that training at a specific time of the day burns more calories. There are, however, some precautions that, if followed, could make training more effective in the long term. In fact, it is advisable to identify a timetable and keep it as long as possible, so that exercise becomes a consolidated habit.

Better to train in the morning or in the evening

Each of us has times of the day when we feel more energetic or more tired. Therefore, also based on this, he decides the most suitable time for himself to train. Hence, the moment can be very subjective and vary according to physical conditions and personal commitments. However, there are general guidelines that apply to everyone and that everyone should follow, regardless of personal needs.

The first is that doing physical activity in the morning, after waking up, makes you feel good throughout the day. However, even in this case, it is a matter of habit. This is because choosing this time of day shouldn’t affect our sleep hours. Or, it shouldn’t put us in a state of stress due to the need to rush to work immediately afterwards.

Also, at the same time, it is preferable to avoid very vigorous activities in the evening, as they could interfere with sleep. Instead, opt for lighter ones such as: stretching or pilates. In fact, they represent a complete workout but, at the same time, they help to relax.

Here is the best time of the day for physical activity

The dilemma that arises on the subject: “morning or evening?” Must be resolved in this way. We must know, in fact, that the different moments of the day bring with them different qualities, to be taken into consideration. For example, choosing the morning would help form the training habit and maintain it. This is because it is the time when it is most difficult for worries or unexpected to intrude.

In this case, however, attention must be paid to the heating phase. This is because, as soon as you wake up, your body temperature may still be too low. If, on the other hand, you train during your lunch break, the trick to follow is to eat later. In fact, doing it earlier would put us under stress. This is because digestion would lead the blood to flow to the digestive system, which the muscles do at the same time.

Finally, for those who struggle to get up early in the morning, scheduling physical activity after work may be the best option. In this case, however, the contraindication is to avoid doing it when you are too tired. Furthermore, for the reasons already indicated above, one must still avoid doing too aggressive training.

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