chemical risk for tablets

Withdrawal of drugs from the market due to chemical risk. The danger to our health comes not only from contaminated food but also from two brands of tablets.


The reports of contaminated products. The withdrawal, this time, does not concern foods with ethylene oxide or substances harmful to the health of all of us but some drugs, specifically two brands of tablets. Attention must be high so as not to risk ingesting tablets that contend with a significant chemical risk. The brands concerned are Estendia and Carboglik.

Withdrawal of drugs, two brands involved

The first recall to report concerns the Carboglik 30 tablets of Farmac Zabban SPA. The reference lot number is 210203 with expiration date March 31, 2024. The withdrawal of the drugs was justified by the Ministry of Health due to the presence of values ​​beyond the permitted limit of ethylene oxide within the ingredient Fabenol. The recommendation is not to use the product in question at all.

The second retreat concerns the Extendia brand of Lusacofarmaco d’Italia SPA. We are talking about packs containing 30 tablets of 1.03 grams belonging to lot E07896 and lot E07897 with expiry date on May 2023. Also in this case the cause of the shrinkage is the presence of ethylene oxide beyond the allowed quantity inside one of the raw materials of the product. Consumption it is absolutely forbidden and it is recommended to return the tablets to the retailer.

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Not just drugs, the latest alerts from the Ministry of Health

L’ethylene oxide has entered our lives and seems not to want to leave. The tablets are just the last knot in a too long chain that has been endangering people’s health for a few months. Ice cream, yogurt, bouillon cube, pasta, fish and many other products containing ethylene oxide or other substances that are dangerous if ingested have been withdrawn from supermarket shelves. Oxide is used for the sterilization of medical instruments, it is understood that in the kitchen or in medicines it should absolutely not be found.

The latest food recalls concerned the well-known Esselunga chain after random checks on some products and date back to a few weeks ago. The worst seemed to be over but the threat returned. Whoever is in possession of the withdrawn products must not take the situation lightly but avoid their consumption e return the item for a refund.


chemical risk tablets

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