Fagnano, Baroffio is already at work. “Priority to Apollo, gym, Galfra and budget”

Fagnano, Baroffio is already at work. “Priority to Apollo, gym, Galfra and budget”
Fagnano, Baroffio is already at work. “Priority to Apollo, gym, Galfra and budget”

FAGNANO OLONA – Already the first day after the elections Marco Baroffio, less than 24 hours ago elected mayor of Fagnano People, is already at the castle to meet municipal employees and staff and start his new mandate in the fourth place. “I feel that citizens have high expectations of me and therefore I want to get to work immediately so as not to disappoint them”, he says Baroffio that tonight, Tuesday 5 October, will meet its majority to form the council of Yesamo Fagnano.

Let’s mend the trust

“It wasn’t really a first date, but rather a re-meeting because in reality I know the municipal environment well and so this morning I really wanted to go around the castle ». Like this Marco Baroffio spent his first day as mayor of Fagnano Olona. And tomorrow will be the turn of the brigade. “In short, a first dive into the administrative reality of the country which is of great value to me, since I want to breathe a climate of cooperation between the technical and the political part, something that perhaps had previously been lacking with some councilors ».

Baroffio therefore he does not waste even a minute and wants to get to work immediately. «On the other hand, there are many things to do and there are many problems to be solved as soon as possible. Let’s not forget the previous administrative experience that ended only after two years and that he certainly put in difficulty the population of Fagnano, doing lose their faith in politics. This is why we want to start by mending the relationship with the Fagnanesi, whose expectations are very high towards me and therefore I absolutely do not want to disappoint them ».

Joint preparation phase

The team of Baroffio is therefore ready to start in fourth place and the priorities remain those announced in the electoral campaign, including the purchase and restructuring of the Apollo cinema. «Certainly our project on the building remains one of the cornerstones, but we must immediately get to work on it gym middle school, al sports field and above all al budget“. To do all this, however, you need a team, and if the composition of the city council is now certain, Baroffio is still waiting to release official information on the junta because the meeting of majority to decide who will become councilor. “I know my teammates very well, so I know that he would be better suited for a delegation based on their skills, so I will rely purely on this, rather than on preferences”, concludes Barofffio.

With Baroffio a new advice to Fagnano. Mr. preference is Moretti

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