Few think of this beneficial oil that could help fight bad cholesterol and protect the skin

The foods we put on the table every day have different effects on our body. Some are beneficial, others would be better to limit or exclude them from the diet.

To follow a correct diet we must look at some specific foods that guarantee a correct nutritional intake. We are not just talking about fruit and vegetables, because even our own fish defends the heart and does not get fat.

When we prepare a succulent delicacy or a fresh and nutritious salad we use the dressing to give it flavor. The oil is usually not lacking in the preparation.

On the market there are different types, some of which are little known and purchased. What we should know is that even the less popular strains can offer the same benefits as the more popular ones.

One of these products that, with some precautions, we can use very well in the kitchen, would be rich in beneficial properties for the heart and beyond. Here’s what we’re talking about.

Few think of this beneficial oil that could help fight bad cholesterol and protect the skin

From now on, we should seriously consider soybean oil to flavor our dishes. Not everyone has tried it and perhaps few know it, but it proves to be an incredible ally for the body in many ways.

Much of the benefits it seems to bring is due to phytosterols. They are compounds of plant origin that regulate the absorption of bad cholesterol in the intestine and help prevent diseases such as atherosclerosis.

Soybean oil also provides a good supply of antioxidants, above all vitamin E. Their usefulness consists in fighting the action of free radicals responsible for cellular aging and some cancers.

There are also minerals of primary importance such as potassium, selenium, iron and zinc, albeit in limited quantities. Few think of this beneficial oil that could help fight bad cholesterol and protect the skin. This is why we should review the shopping list the next time we go to the supermarket.

Uses in the kitchen

When used properly, soybean oil can help us bring many different dishes to life. From those of our kitchen to the most exotic recipes.

The most common uses concern the preparation of sauces and vegetable-based dishes. For example, soybean oil can become an ingredient for making delicious alioli sauce. But it can also enter the recipe for exquisite soy spaghetti. Nonetheless, it is used to make margarine.

The advice we want to give for health is to use it exclusively raw, especially if raw. We absolutely avoid frying it. Furthermore, compared to the more refined varieties, the virgin product should be preferred, which guarantees abundant nutrients.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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