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Management costs too high, the gym of the Italian sports center foreclosed

Management costs too high, the gym of the Italian sports center foreclosed
Management costs too high, the gym of the Italian sports center foreclosed

PORDENONE. The gym in Viale della Comina, owned by the Italian Sports Center of Pordenone (Csi), has been foreclosed and will go to auction on 18 October. The institution was no longer able to face the payments of the mortgage installments taken out with the bank to create the multipurpose structure. A forced execution procedure was thus initiated.

The sports facility, also accessible to the disabled, was inaugurated on November 15, 2008 in the area of ​​the Children’s Village, on land owned by the Holy Family Opera. It was designed to host 5-a-side football, basketball, volleyball, skating and handball.

The plant is no longer in use: the CSI has not carried out any activity in these spaces for some time. The abandoned structure has become the destination of vandal raids: two complaints presented in the past by the Csi of Pordenone. The institution on the banks of the Noncello was commissioned years ago by the national CSI, after the resignation of the council.

Tiziano Cornacchia, appointed as extraordinary commissioner from Rome, tried every way, but found himself faced with a situation “impossible to stem”. “When we saw the accounts, we got scared,” he recalled. «I wrote – he added – to the national presidency of the CSI that it was not possible to cope with the loan taken out to build that plant: it was too expensive. We tried in every way, but the financial commitment was too high. Only about a bank loan we are talking about 900 thousand euros. I demanded from Rome that they take charge of the situation ».

However, no buyers were found for the structure, neither in Pordenone nor on a national level. All interest expenses were paid (the Region made a contribution) and other past debts. However, the mortgage payments to be paid remained. “To be honest we said: we can’t do it.”

Cornacchia explained that even the operating costs were unsustainable: «Just for the ignition and assistance of the boiler, 5,000 euros were spent every year, the gas and electricity bills were disproportionate to the system. Coming to play with us cost a lot more ». The forced choice was to leave PalaCsi.

On 9 December last year, the execution judge Francesco Tonon authorized the sale of the structure. The CSI was not constituted. «We had the notice – Cornacchia specified – that the bank had transferred the credit to others, but they did not inform us of the sale. They came with a locksmith to open the doors, no one called us ».

The activity of the CSI continues, the secretariat is located in via Revedole, at the Episcopal Curia. «We are moving forward – concluded Cornacchia – on our way, it was a sad chapter. We hope that with a new buyer the plant will be able to revive ».

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