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COVID VACCINE / Why did the Italian media hide Big Pharma’s Black Friday?

COVID VACCINE / Why did the Italian media hide Big Pharma’s Black Friday?
COVID VACCINE / Why did the Italian media hide Big Pharma’s Black Friday?

If we look across the ocean, we find that quite interesting things are happening on the vaccine front in recent days.

While in Italy journalists, TV presenters, virologists, ministers, politicians all seem to have become representatives of a single pharmaceutical company, winds are gathering in the United States that could fuel a typhoon. I read this post on the Linkedin social network: “It’s a sign: a breeze from the west can become a storm if it meets with currents from the north”.

What are you referring to?

On the “black Friday” (last 17th, for the superstitious) that upset the expectations of Biden and Big Pharma. To respond to the request of the American president to make a third dose of the vaccine for the entire population, the FDA has convened the Consultative Commission, as is the practice for such important decisions. Unlike the mysterious meetings of Italian health institutions, the meeting was public.

In summary, what happened?

Which during the debate many elements emerged that could support the hypothesis that the increase in undesirable effects is dose-dependent: for which a subject exposed to further inoculations compared to the two foreseen, can see the side effects increase significantly.

So in the end, after hours of heated discussion, the Commission voted “no” to Biden’s request with 16 votes to 2, allowing the third dose only to people over 65 and to individuals at high risk of contracting the infection.

Triggering panic in the institutions, for the refusal to follow up on Biden’s requests, while the rejection resulted in drops in the stock market of the companies involved, but not as strong as one could imagine, simply because the sales contracts had already been signed for some time .

But the pressure of Big Pharma did not give up, and on Friday 24th, a very unusual fact, the CDC, the sister federal agency of the FDA, subverted its decisions with a stratagem: it decided that people over the top could receive the third dose. 18 years at risk of becoming infected for work reasons. Which means all those who are in contact with the public or with customers; therefore almost all the working population.

As the tug-of-war between lobbies and federal agencies unfolds, the serious scientific community has taken it into high consideration the statements of some experts summoned.

During the hearing of the Advisory Commission, prof. Steve Kirsch, director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund, said the injections are killing more people than they are saving: “Today I will focus my observations on the elephant in the room that no one wants to see: we are always talking about saved lives and about effectiveness of vaccines because we wanted to believe that vaccines were completely safe, and this is not true at all … the Vaers (the passive detection system of side effects, at) shows that heart attacks occurred 71 times more often as a result of these vaccines than any other vaccine. More generally, we can say that we killed two people to save a life ”.

Now, these are undoubtedly very serious statements, which, however, have already been circulating for some time in the scientific community, not only in America. With only one difference from Italy: a similar stance in the States is being discussed, and its supporters invited to participate in the FDA Advisory Commission. With us, doctors who dare to expose themselves publicly with doubts about vaccines that are much less serious than these are suspended or even banned. While the home therapy doctors have been waiting for a year to be received by Minister Speranza, who appealed to the State Council to confirm his absurd “Paracetamol and watchful waiting” protocol, unanimously crushed by the international scientific literature, by doctors on the campo, and in Italy also strongly questioned by prof. Giuseppe Remuzzi, scientific director of the Mario Negri Institute. Speaking of Mario Negri, with a comment that made a lot of noise, its president, prof. Silvio Garattini, in a television broadcast said that at the moment the only advantage of the third dose is for the turnover of pharmaceutical companies.

Returning to the meeting of the FDA Advisory Commission, immunologist and biologist Jessica Rose noted that, based on Vaers data, “the risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits in young people, and particularly children, due to an increase of one thousand times of adverse reactions to injection in 2021 compared to last decades. There is an increase of over 1000% in the total number of adverse events for 2021 (in children for vaccines as a whole) and 2021 is not over yet, ”Rose said.

Anyone who has the desire and time, and knows English well, can take a look the entire 8-hour recording of the event.

Personally, I would suggest first of all to the Minister of Health, the leaders of the CTS, to the scientific journalists and to the generalists who write about viruses without adequate background, to the television virologists and to the talk show hosts so firmly convinced of the efficacy and safety of these vaccines, to watch this video at least three times in a row. Because for months they have forced us to listen to their broken record, which contains real falsehoods: “these vaccines are no longer experimental because they have already been experienced on two and a half billion people. And they are effective and safe “. But if they are “tested” it means that they are experimental: or not? The official documents speak of conditional authorization until the end of the field trials scheduled for 2023. How can we say that they are not experimental?

On safety, see above. Regarding efficacy, Pfizer itself stated that after 4-6 months it can decrease strongly, until it almost disappears after 7 or 8 months, while the green pass lasts 12 months; but then, how do we put it? At some point it becomes a license to infect? Without forgetting that it is now established that vaccinated people can also get sick and infect.

In particular, the heads of health institutions should memorize the appeal of Dr. Robert Malone, the scientist who played a key role in the discovery and implementation of messenger RNA drugs: “Doctors are increasingly discouraged from engaging in open professional discourse and exchanging ideas on new and emerging diseases, not only endangering the essence of the medical profession, but above all, more tragically, the lives of patients. Doctors and people of conscience all over the world must act with one voice to stop authoritarian behavior directed towards the medical profession ”.

Of course, the media in Italy did not let us know almost anything, or at most some half-truths, which is even worse. Which proves that in the beautiful country there is an increasingly suffocating climate, as a sort of scientific dogmatism driven mostly by the marketing of the producers, is added media dogmatism favored by widespread investments in public relations (it is an euphemism) always fielded by the same producers. Another serious problem facing the ubiquitous virologists is that no one ever asks them to declare any conflicts of interest, which was once customary.

The bottom is then touched with the so-called sites of debunking, which incidentally very rarely enter into the merits, preferring to focus on the delegitimization of those who support theses considered “dangerous”. In Kirsch’s case, one of these sites went on to argue that he is not a member of the FDA at all. True, but what does it matter? He was invited to present his theses to the FDA Advisory Commission. It seems little?

Bad lending. Because scientific and media dogmatism has also convinced presidents of the Council and of the Republic to make statements so impractical as to be embarrassing, as well as to sign decrees such as the one adopting or extending the green pass that do not have a decent scientific basis. No one is surprised that green certification, in addition to France and Italy, has not been introduced in any other civilized country.

Meanwhile, despite the triumphalistic declarations, vaccinations have in fact started to slow down (this is demonstrated by the goal to be reached, moved further and further forward), probably because people are beginning to realize that “leaky” (imperfect) vaccines as defined by the president of the Hume Foundation, sociologist Luca Ricolfi, make it impossible to achieve that herd immunity that Sir Andrew Pollard (Head of Oxford Vaccine Group) considers simply “a myth”.

Myth with which virologists, conductors and journalists have been filling our pipes for a long time, as if it were the only goal to be reached at any cost.

Every day more and more authoritative personalities of the international scientific world express doubts both about efficacy and safety, and about the interpretation of the statistics on deaths. A few days ago Norman Fenton, British mathematician, Professor of Risk Information Management at Queen Mary, University of London, and, Martin Neil, Professor of Computer Science and Statistics at the same University, said that the UK government data does not support the statements made regarding the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. And that by doing and re-calculating, the mortality rate is currently higher among vaccinated than unvaccinated, as is also happening in Israel.

There is also the fact that more and more doctors, albeit in a whisper, speak of growing side effects not officially declared due to too much paperwork related to them and a very unpleasant “moral dissuasion”.

In this whole affair, what Chernobyl hero Valerij Alekseevič Legasov said: “Every time you tell a lie, you take on a debt to the truth. Sooner or later that debt must be paid “.

— — — —

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