Medicine Test 2021, today the nominal national ranking – is published

from Valentina Santarpia

Candidates will be assigned, if the score assigns them the location where to enroll, or booked, if instead they have to settle for a different location or wait for scrolling.

After the controversy over the wrong applications, the canceled application, the threats of appeals, the official ranking of those admitted to the degree course in Medicine and Surgery arrives again this year. On September 17, the anonymous ranking was published, which made it possible to identify the best students only geographically. Today, however, at 11, the nominal one is published, which provides for the definitive assignment of the score to each candidate: according to the position, the student can choose the preferred faculty.

Where to see it

The ranking was published by the Ministry of Education on the Universitaly platform and visible to each candidate by accessing their personal area. In the lists, each candidate will find the word assigned or booked: those who have already been assigned have obtained a place in the location indicated as first choice and can directly access enrollment. The wording booked, on the other hand, concerns those who have been admitted but not in the university of first preference. In this case, they can enroll immediately or wait for scrolling, specifying their interest in remaining in the ranking. The first scroll scheduled for October 6.

The scores

According to the latest calculations, 70.2% of the candidates were eligible and the highest score on the Medicine Test (here the questions and answers) was recorded in Varese: 82.4. In the 2020 Medicine Test, on the other hand, 68.4% had achieved eligibility. To be eligible you must have reached the minimum score, 20, but not necessarily that it means being admitted. The minimum score to enter Medicine in 2021 should be 37.3, lower than last year, when one entered with 39.5 (registered at the University of Messina).

The appeals

But the publication does not stop the controversy: according to the president of Consulcesi, Massimo Tortorella, thousands of appeals are expected: The results of the admission test to the degree course in Medicine have come out and, as expected both from the setting of the exam that from the first scores, we are receiving thousands of reports for irregularities. Canceled applications, badly assigned scores, modified etiquette codes for which many candidates are no longer able to log in to view their tests: all the flaws of an inadequate system are coming to the surface.

September 28, 2021 (change September 28, 2021 | 11:00)


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