his 1200 Kcal diet to lose 20 kilos per month

his 1200 Kcal diet to lose 20 kilos per month
his 1200 Kcal diet to lose 20 kilos per month

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Doctor Nowzaradan: His 1200 calorie diet to lose 20 kilos per month

It is virtually impossible to find doctor’s diet online From now on for the simple fact that they are personalized diets for each patient.

It is in fact necessary that the diet is studied on the basis of various factors, such as the pre-bariatric weight, the final weight goal to be achieved, the current diet, age, sex and any medical problems that may affect the choice of foods to be included.

Who follows Lives on the edge he knows they are prescribed 1200 calorie high protein diets and which each person is asked to do only three meals per day avoiding any kind of extra snack.

The diet plan involves small portions and healthy foods with very few carbohydrates. In the United States, obesity is a real plague that afflicts a large section of the population, accustomed to eating in a hurry in fast food, ready-made and packaged foods that contain both preservatives and excess sugar and salt.

Doctor Nowzaradan: his 1200 Kcal diet to lose 20 kilos per month

It is important to know what are the foods off limits during the controlled diet, here is the list:

candy and all sweets
high-sugar fruit (watermelon, melon, mango, grapes, cherries, pears, figs, bananas)
puddings and jams
dried fruit
starchy vegetables (chickpea pea beans)
popcorn and more
both white and brown rice
both white and wholemeal pasta
bread should be whole grain or protein bread but always in small portions
fruit juices
fizzy and sugary drinks
food supplements and smoothies
sports drinks
energy drinks

Although Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet is not available for the reasons described above, according to what has been published by patients of Lives on the edge on your social profiles you can make some assumptions and an example of a menu for a total of 1200 calories as predetermined by the US doctor:


1 egg plus 1 non-fried egg white – 105 calories
60 grams of sliced ​​or steamed or microwaved turkey meat – 130 calories
a slice of wholemeal or protein toast: 25 grams – 80 calories
80 grams of low-fat cottage cheese – 90 calories
Unlimited coffee water or unsweetened tea


200 grams of natural tuna – 200 calories
a tablespoon of fat-free mayonnaise – 50 calories
200 grams of spinach – 40 calories
2 medium carrots – 115 calories
unlimited unsweetened water and tea


140 grams of grilled chicken – 190 calories
250 grams of steamed broccoli – 100 calories
70 grams of low-fat cheese – 100 calories
unlimited water and unsweetened tea

Dr. Nowzaradan’s advice

In addition to avoiding snacking between meals, Dr. Nowzaradan recommends this type of elementary regimen without extras to all his patients to help the liver do its job properly as well.

In fact, from some studies it seems that obesity is also due to these extra snacks made by those who cannot resist the lure of food. For this, according to the doctor of Lives on the edge, it is necessary to keep carbohydrates low and it is also advisable to also eat a quantity of low-carbohydrate vegetables and avoid fruit.

People usually take more than 1200 calories per day, but those who have to lose weight and follow the directions of Dr. Nowzaradan will feel more full thanks to the large number of proteins and fibers that help increase the sense of satiety and make it last longer.

It is a diet that requires a lot of effort, but if you suffer from severe obesity it is the right way out of the tunnel.

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