Conegliano, what is “prevention”? The studies of the cardiologist Giuseppe Berton and his research center at the De Gironcoli hospital

What is meant by the term “prevention”? Or rather, how can prevention be implemented in practice? These are some of the questions at the center of a series of studies conducted by the ABC study on heart disease foundation, a research center on heart disease born in 1992, based at the De Gironcoli hospital in Conegliano, thanks to the support of Ulss 2. and the Veneto Region. A research group whose studies are gaining some relevance also at an international level.

Leading this reality is Giuseppe Berton, an esteemed cardiologist from the Conegliano area, who pointed the finger on the importance of prevention and on the habits of life directed towards this direction, even if he did not hide the need to clarify the meaning of the term “prevention “.

“Prevention is one of the most important aspects of a patient’s life, not only from a scientific point of view – stated Berton – but from a practical point of view and a reasoning in terms of health: not doing prevention leads to the chronicization of some disorders, with the consequence of an ever greater and widespread need for health care for diseases“.

“We must take the view that we are not talking about a single disease, but about multiple diseases – specified the cardiologist – as one disease ‘calls the other’, so the more prevention is done, the more health there is”.

Technological progress has also played its part in this game for prevention, but Berton is convinced that technology comes after good habits to follow.

“Good reasoning and good clinical purpose count more, before the help of technology – he reiterated -. I always tell my patients that 15 minutes of walking a day is worth more than a pill“.

“Even the vaccine, which is talked about a lot in this period of the Covid pandemic, is to be considered a form of prevention – said Berton -. It is part of preventive medicine ”.

On the heart disease front, the ABC study on heart disease foundation is moving in the direction of studying preventive techniques that can counteract the diseases that may arise over the years.

As Berton explained, the foundation in this regard is projected into the comparison with the international panorama in the field of research, involving teachers, doctors and researchers involved in analyzing the patient’s condition after discharge and any complications that have arisen.

“Everyone gives their support – explained Berton – and we can count on a certain number of students doing research”.

A theme, that of prevention, that the cardiologist Giuseppe Berton will go to deepen in the next services carried out by, also providing indications from a practical point of view for the management of everyday life.

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