Medicine. Students: “We are still in March 2020”

“After a year and a half of pandemic, while Italy wakes up from what seemed like an endless nightmare, the only ones left still in hibernation are some medical students from Ferrara, in particular those of the second and third year”.

It is the letter signed by 836 students for a return to normalcy. A request so far ignored by the University of Ferrara and which now becomes public.

“So far everyone’s priority has been health, in the name of which we have put aside our normal academic life – they explain -. To date, however, this situation can and must change: there are finally the conditions for a return to the classroom (as also underlined by the Law Decree of 08/06/2021), with the possibility of implementing a true mixed teaching method “.

But, despite this, “also this year the University of Ferrara maintains the line of teaching mainly online, completely ignoring the requests of the student component and the progress made in the management of the pandemic (such as vaccines and green passes)”.

And then questions arise: “Why then are we still forced to follow the lessons from the desk in our rooms? How is it possible that most universities are organizing for a return to normality, while we remain stuck in March 2020? “.

Students are looking for “a meeting point with our university, with which we have now lost all forms of human contact: we want to get back, even in part, those moments of dialogue and discussion between colleagues and professors, which instead of being held in the classrooms or in the wards, now they are kept only behind cold screens. Our intent is not even remotely that of living off-site: we just want to be able to return to the classroom “.

Those enrolled in Medicine and Surgery also ask themselves “how can doctors who have practically never had the opportunity to experience medicine guided by the passion of the professors and by sharing with their classmates be trained?”.

Through the representatives, the desire for mixed teaching expressed by the 836 signatories has already been brought to the attention of the Course Council: “with this official proposal, signed by almost a thousand people, the classrooms would not be 100% full, thus guaranteeing safety , which we students also care very much about. However, the university’s response has always remained the same: recorded lessons ”.

“How can we ignore the needs of those who experience the difficulties of DAD every day? How can we, future doctors, continue to deny access to a full education after two years? ” resume the students, who explain that “the tools to get back in attendance are there, and you can see it from how most Italian universities have organized themselves: there are booking apps, division into groups, weekly shifts”.

What is missing in Ferrara then? “Maybe just the desire to listen to students and students, without which the university would not even exist. We therefore want answers, we want the right to education that belongs to us ”.

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