M24 TV Baroffio (Sìamo Fagnano): “Immediately the gym in via Venegoni”

M24 TV Baroffio (Sìamo Fagnano): “Immediately the gym in via Venegoni”
M24 TV Baroffio (Sìamo Fagnano): “Immediately the gym in via Venegoni”

FAGNANO OLONA – «After two years of a majority always in quarrel and which ended up falling apart before our time citizens need to regain confidence in politics and this will certainly be one of our great challenges ». To speak is Marco Baroffio, mayoral candidate on the list Yesamo Fagnano that next October 3 and 4 will challenge Paolo Carlesso, Luciano Almasio and Piera Stevenazzi for the 2021 administration.

Unexpected elections

An unexpected call to the polls, given that the last majority, that of Elena Catelli, had come to power in 2019, but due to a series of internal conflicts, the former mayor resigned last July. Despite this, and the subsequent commissioner, the 4 lists of the country managed to prepare the electoral campaign and Marco Baroffio, guest in the studios of Malpensa24 Web Tv Answers 5 questions in 5 minutes.

«One of the problems that we will surely have to face will be to regain the confidence of citizens because the recent events have disappointed many people ”, the candidate begins, praising the team he managed to put together under the name of Sìamo Fagnano. “A very cohesive group that in recent months has really put to work for the good of citizens and that is a good one balancing between Young people, passionate and full of fresh and innovative ideas and more experts, who, on the other hand, will be able to bring wisdom also thanks to their experiences in the administrative field ».

Gym and Galfra

As for the hottest issues that have inflamed Fagnano’s political scene in recent years, Baroffio takes a clear position first of all on the gym in via Venegoni. «This is a necessary structure for our children and it has been blocked for too long. So we are committed to complete it as soon as possible».

As for the enlargement of the sports field towards war Memorial, a project of the Catelli administration to which Baroffio himself had opposed, the candidate explains the final will to create a real sports center in via De Amicis, “but clearly this cannot be built overnight, so let’s understand that in the transition period we will have to dialogue with the Asd Valle Olona to find solutions. We have thought about the creation of a 9-a-side training pitch and above all an improvement of the lighting ».

Fagnano, the yard of the gym in via Venegoni pitches the tents in the court

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M24 Baroffio Sìamo Fagnano Immediately gym Venegoni

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