here are what the new offices could be

here are what the new offices could be
here are what the new offices could be

JESI – Gyms in via Zannoni to be returned both, from next October 1st (but for one we are already talking about it today), to the activity of schools and sports clubs. A new location is then sought for the point vaccination. The hypothesis that, at the moment, is taking off, seems to be that of a transfer to the premises of the former II District in via San Francesco.

Arousing the protest of the Free University of Adults which uses them and also causing the clash in the Council between the president of the Luaj and former mayor, Gabriele Fava, and the president Daniele Massaccesi. The first denounces the fears of the Luaj in the intervention for the conferral of civic merit in the memory of Professor Antonio Ramini (proposed by the same Free University, of which Ramini was president for years). The second interrupts him, deeming it inappropriate to talk about it in that space. With Fava who then speaks of «authoritarian censorship of my thought and democratic deficit».

And President Massaccesi who stigmatizes the incident by apologizing to the family of Professor Ramini and speaking of “sin in a ceremony that must have been different”. The crux of the vaccination center remains: one of the gyms in via Zannoni today (there had already been an extension) is handed over by the Asur to allow you to carry out the activities of Motor Sciences of Classical and Artistic High School and of extracurricular sports. For the other gym, extension of the deadline to 30 September but delivery in any case expected soon. Among the hypotheses evaluated, the use of the former building of the ASL general management in via Guerri, the former headquarters of the Alzheimer Center in via San Giuseppe and finally the premises in via San Francesco, which seem to be the chosen ones. Also consult with real estate agencies to check any availability of properties on the market. The Asur Area Vasta 2 evaluations are underway on which is the best solution.




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