An apple a day is great but few know what 2 do for our health

An apple a day is great but few know what 2 do for our health
An apple a day is great but few know what 2 do for our health

Some of our readers will remember the 6 fruits that replace 6 medicinal products and the well-being they bring us. Today, however, we will see that an apple a day is exceptional but few know what 2 do to our health. If the famous saying of “getting the doctor away” with just one is true, now we will see why international studies suggest two, starting even with breakfast. However, we specify that without our doctors, heroes of the Pandemic, we would not go anywhere. So while taking the famous saying for good, let’s always remember their importance.

Why should we eat two apples a day

Some might even make the joke that Adam would accept the famous apple from Eve knowing how good it was for health. Seriously, more and more scientists and experts are recommending taking more than one apple a day. Indeed, not to mention the concentrated juice, extremely healthy. The first recognized benefit in food science of having at least one apple, or its juice, for breakfast is to lower cholesterol. Definitely beneficial action, which with this method will also be cheap and painless. Be careful, however, to make a very important distinction. By apple juice, we mean the natural one, free of sugars and dyes. Let’s not be fooled by certain tasty drinks, but far from what we mean.

An apple a day is great but few know what 2 do for our health

This is the system of eating the apple differently and lowering cholesterol, without depriving it of the peel. When our children ask us to peel an apple, we try to give it whole instead, washing it well. The peel of the apple, in fact, contains a good part of its nutrients, such as the so-called “ursolic acid”, also recommended for those who want to lose weight. This substance is mainly present in green and red apples and promotes the quality and speed of metabolism. According to experts, eating at least two apples a day will therefore have a very positive effect on cholesterol, on blood sugar control, but also on the figure.

What does it mean to have an apple snack

Traditionally, the apple is also the classic healthy snack away from meals. Beneficial, rich in fiber and nutrients, the apple also gives us a sense of satiety. As we said, it can also be a direct way to dispose of fats and toxins, but also avoid water retention. Action, which especially our readers know well, because it is one of the first causes of the formation of cellulite. Due to its very high fiber and vitamin content, apple is considered the “hunger breaker” snack par excellence. And, given that a slice of pie alle evil gives us energy at breakfast, here is the idea of ​​deepening with the perfect recipe.


An apple pie different from the usual but equally good the Norman one

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