flooded via Settevalli and a gym in San Sisto, a canoe is needed in court // Umbria24.it

The floods at the end of August, which caused severe damage to numerous homes and completely submerged roads and countryside, are a cause for concern on Friday, when shortly before 12.30 a downpour hit the Umbrian capital and beyond. In a short time, a large amount of water was discharged to the ground. The requests for intervention reached the fire brigade operations center from the Perugia city area and the surrounding area, such as San Sisto. In the Settevalli area (in the photo ed) manholes that have been blown up due to the pressure of the water are reported, water invades the roadway and two cars are freed with difficulty. A gymnasium in San Sisto was completely flooded and the corridor on floor -1 of the Perugia Criminal Court was flooded with water.


The meteorologist It is a storm «which is concentrated on Perugia – explains the meteorologist of Umbria Meteo Pauselli, on the phone with Umbria24 – it is very limited and also determines wind in addition to heavy rain. However, I am isolated phenomena linked to the orography. They are very difficult to predict also because small changes, such as a degree of temperature, can determine displacements of the phenomenon for several kilometers. When a storm like this – he adds – remains confined to an area, it can cause continuous showers and can even accumulate a hundred millimeters of rain ». The rains at the end of August discharged water with peaks of 130 millimeters to the ground.

The protest of the lawyers union «The Penal Chamber of Perugia Fabio Dean – reads a note – stigmatizes the serious and emergency situation in which the courtrooms of the Penal Court of Perugia find themselves. There was a major flooding of the entire basement floor where, for years now, lawyers, magistrates and administrative staff have been forced to carry out their activities in classrooms of dubious regularity. Unfortunately it was not an isolated episode “


flooded Settevalli gym San Sisto canoe needed court Umbria24it

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