Asp, health education and promotion programs presented

Asp, health education and promotion programs presented
Asp, health education and promotion programs presented

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September 16, 2021 5:25 pm


The education and health promotion programs of the ASP of Catania for the school year 2021-2022 were presented to the schools of the province of Catania. The meeting, held on an online platform, was attended by school and local health operators with the aim of enhancing synergies and skills for a common and targeted project aimed at promoting health in schools. 78 schools represented. The works were coordinated by dr. Salvatore Cacciola (manager in charge of the Health Education and Promotion UO and president of the Group for the Implementation of the Program Objectives). The medical director of the ASP of Catania, dr. Antonino Rapisarda; the Director of the regional school office-territorial area of ​​Catania, dr. Emilio Grasso; the director of the Prevention Department of the provincial health authority, ing. Antonio Leonardi. The education and health promotion programs implement the objectives set out in the Sicily Regional Prevention Plan 2021. There are several projects activated for the new school year: first of all, the prevention of Covid-19. An important space will also be reserved for the fight against chronic non-communicable diseases (MCNT); the fight against smoking, alcohol abuse and a sedentary lifestyle. Dedicated actions, also, for the prevention of child, adolescent and youth mental illness; road safety and home safety. And then again activities aimed at the prevention of addictions (from and without substances). In this regard, the national “Wireless Network” program of the Ministry of Health / CCM, which concerns dependence on the Internet and technology, is highlighted. Attention also paid to the programs proposed by the Prevention Department, with particular regard to safety in the workplace, healthy nutrition, the offer of the HPV vaccine, and the promotion of health in living and working environments.


Asp health education promotion programs presented

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