the benefits of proper hydration

the benefits of proper hydration
the benefits of proper hydration

To be able to safeguard the health of the kidneys it is essential to hydrate well and drink a lot. Let’s see all the benefits of proper hydration together.

Many of us underestimate a symptom that in reality, at the moment it is perceived, warns that it is too late: the organism is already suffering from water stress for not having replenished enough fluids.

Her, in fact, it allows to compensate the obligatory losses of liquids (excluding urine, about 1 liter per day), where maintaining the right water balance (ratio between lost and replenished liquids) is one of the first rules of correct lifestyle. A basic principle, valid for everyone, to be evaluated according to their lifestyle and the phase they are experiencing.

Children and the elderly, for example, less sensitive in themselves to the stimulus of thirst, are more easily encountered water stress with the danger of becoming dehydrated, which is why it is good to educate them to drink often, so that the habit becomes natural.

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Ditto for pregnant and lactating women, who need more fluids to meet the water balance put in crisis by another growing organism. Same deficit accused by those who play sports or use the body in particularly demanding activities, which involve loss of fluids through sweating.

The benefits of proper hydration

There is no function of the organism that does not require the presence of water, which is essential for a series of vital functions:

  • helps eliminate waste for the proper functioning of the kidneys,
  • allows the transport of nutrients,
  • regulates the energy balance,
  • has detoxifying power,
  • regulates body temperature,
  • regulates water balance,
  • prevents various diseases and disorders such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections and constipation.

Important for those who study and work the mind

Absolute requirement for health, adequate hydration entails numerous other advantages: from those for the skin, of which it helps to preserve elasticity, to those for muscles and joints, of which it favors a correct mechanism.

But correct hydration is not only good for the body, strictly speaking, it is also an excellent ally of cognitive performance: it is no coincidence that when the brain “dries up” we have greater difficulties in concentration and performance. Drinking regularly, therefore, helps the mind in moments of greatest commitment, at school or at work.

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