Food supplement contaminated with ethylene oxide: all the details

Food supplement contaminated with ethylene oxide: all the details
Food supplement contaminated with ethylene oxide: all the details

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Contaminated food supplement: dangerous for health. All the details on the product recalled by the Ministry of Health.

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The massive withdrawal by the Ministry of Health of contaminated products continues. This time it is the turn of a contaminated food supplement and immediately withdrawn from supermarket shelves. It is a well-known brand of food supplements based on caraway and fennel. From a sample examination, the presence of ethylene oxide in a basic supplement ingredient. All the details.

Contaminated food supplement: the maxi withdrawal of the Ministry of Health

In this month there have been many food reminders of the Ministry of Health. This time it’s up to a batch of branded food supplements Lenicol, where it was found presence of ethylene oxide. The supplement is based on plant extract of caraway, fennel, chamomile, star anise, cinnamon and bamboo. In fact, the trace of the chemical substance extremely dangerous for humans is found in this last fundamental ingredient. The risks of ethylene oxide are many, from nausea, vomiting to very serious allergic reactions.

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The advice of the Ministry of Health is always to not consume the offending product and to bring it back to the reference point of sale. Ethylene oxide is a substance that usually contaminates a main ingredient of a food product, in this case by attaching itself to the Bamboosa. It is not the first time that this toxic substance has been found in food supplements.

Details on the batch of food supplement contaminated with ethylene oxide

The Lenitol supplement with the brand. is contaminated with ethylene oxide. In the last month, there have been many cases of chemical risk due to the presence of this substance. In the case of sweets or ice cream, the ethylene oxide anchors itself to the carob seed flour, a key ingredient for the confectionery industry. The supplement comes in packs of 36 capsules for 595 g, with batch number 5962 and minimum shelf life 1/2023. The manufacturer of the food supplement is the Blue Lotus Srl in via Maggetti 14 in Urbino. Do not consume the product contaminated with ethylene oxide to avoid serious health hazards.

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Food supplement contaminated ethylene oxide details

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