Here’s how to walk to see encouraging results right away and not risk giving up

Here’s how to walk to see encouraging results right away and not risk giving up
Here’s how to walk to see encouraging results right away and not risk giving up

Especially after the month of August, many people want to get back in shape and start training again. On the other hand, during the holidays we often tend to let ourselves go, neglecting the diet we are used to for a few weeks. Precisely for this reason, September sees a lot of re-writing in the gym or walking around the street. So as to burn fat and lose extra pounds.

An excellent solution

Choosing brisk walking as a training exercise to keep fit and active is undoubtedly an excellent solution. Especially for those who have no interest in lifting weights and following the courses of the gyms.

However, to succeed in the goal of losing weight and toning up through this workout, you need to consider some factors. Among these there are two very important ones, not only to get what we want in a short time, but also to be able to maintain the necessary motivation. In the next paragraph we will talk about these two secrets.

Here’s how to walk to see encouraging results right away and not risk giving up

In the past we have already had the opportunity to give some tips about the fast walking exercise, in order to do it at its best. In particular, we refer to when, a few weeks ago, we unveiled how to walk to tone the buttocks and lose weight by eliminating excess fat.

Given the great interest that this topic has aroused, we have decided to deal with it again. Revealing two other very important tips regarding this popular exercise. In fact, here’s how to walk to immediately see encouraging results and not risk giving up.

The two tips

To many it may seem irrelevant, but the first tip has to do with diet. There are many, driven by the motivation to lose weight, to combine the first weeks of training with a very stringent low-calorie diet. If this decision can bear fruit in the beginning, it could create problems in the long run.

In fact, not only will it be more difficult to carry on training and find motivation but also the body will suffer a lot. Let us always remember that even fast walking is a physical exercise in all respects, as such it needs to be combined with a balanced diet. That is, that takes into account the effort and is not, therefore, excessively low-calorie.

The second tip has to do with the training program. It is very important to organize a precise plan, avoiding walking without an organization. We therefore suggest starting with a certain number of kilometers and increasing the latter on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the physical condition.

In addition, we recommend adding climbs, descents and roads that are different from paved ones to the route. In this, running applications can prove to be very useful, which will help us precisely in drawing up a program suitable for us.

Finally, we would like to remind you that, before starting any type of physical activity, it is advisable to consult your general practitioner, to verify our physical fitness.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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