Many consume this tasty vegetable a lot without knowing that it could cause thyroid problems

Knowing the properties and values ​​of a certain food or drink can be a great weapon to protect our health. We saw it, for example, in our previous article “Stop high blood sugar, skin aging and intestinal problems with this delicious fruit”. Or even in “Be careful because this drink that we take every morning raises the blood sugar like this”, we have had proof. Today the argument remains much the same. We want, in fact, to investigate some properties of a vegetable much consumed in the homes of Italians. The goal will be to understand when this food, which everyone recommends for the great benefits it can give to the body, could turn against us instead.

Many consume this tasty vegetable a lot without knowing that it could cause thyroid problems

Let’s talk today about the thyroid gland and how to best protect it so as not to run into unpleasant surprises. This is certainly a topic that interests and involves many people. So it can prove to be very useful. To explain the situation exactly is the Veronesi Foundation, which highlights some foods that could interfere with the proper functioning of the thyroid. They are called goitigenic foods, with particular reference to goiter, that is the increase in the volume of the thyroid gland. In these cases, some foods interfere with the absorption of iodine, which is essential for making this area function correctly and safely. In fact, the lack of this substance causes the thyroid to produce fewer hormones, creating consequences that can lead to unpleasant pathologies. The pathologies affecting this area of ​​the body, in fact, are many as we all know. Therefore, it is correct to have an eye on it, in order to always keep the situation under control.

What is the “goitrogen” vegetable that in this case we should avoid to be more calm and protect the thyroid

We therefore understood that, in order to try to keep the thyroid functioning properly, we should try to avoid certain foods. Obviously, in healthy people, who have never had problems in this field, the situation is much lighter. So, there won’t be too much need to be alarmed. But, especially if we have already had thyroid dysfunction, we must be careful. And, unexpectedly, we should severely limit the consumption of spinach. In fact, many consume this tasty vegetable a lot without knowing that it could create thyroid problems. This is because spinach is considered a goitrogen food, despite bringing many other benefits to the body. Having this information, the absolute best thing will be to speak to your doctor. In this case we will understand if and how much to limit the consumption of spinach, in order to protect the health of our thyroid.


If you have this problem too, never eat ginger!

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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