In addition to frying, these are the foods that can promote acne

In addition to frying, these are the foods that can promote acne
In addition to frying, these are the foods that can promote acne

The formation of unsightly pimples on the face or other parts of the body can occur not only during puberty, but also in adulthood. Although the formation of the so-called “acne vulgaris” depends on multifactorial causes, nutrition often plays a decisive role in the state of inflammation. This is why it is good to limit the intake of certain foods that could worsen the situation by increasing the inflammatory state in the body. In addition to frying, these are the foods that can promote acne. Let’s see below what it is and how to identify the foods that are potentially harmful to epidermal health.

A problem that is not exclusively typical of adolescence

Skin disorders sometimes hide particular pitfalls. This is what we indicated in the article: “The itchy skin could be the sign of a tumor in these organs”. In the case of pimples, these inflammations could persist beyond adolescence and cause many discomforts. There are many adults who suffer from this problem even in old age without understanding the real cause. There are many reasons why acne appears in different parts of the body. In fact, there are those who report the formation of pustules on the forehead, some on the cheeks and chin or in general on the upper part of the trunk.

The multifactoriality of inflammation shows how complex it is and articulated in various forms and levels of severity. Some of the reasons can sometimes be really unthinkable as we showed in the article: “If acne and pimples don’t go away, a cause could be hiding in the bedroom.” In terms of food, it is important to distinguish well which are the foods that expose the skin to more inflammation in order to limit its consumption.

In addition to frying, these are the foods that can promote acne

In general, a diet that follows the principles of the Mediterranean one is particularly indicated in cases of skin rashes such as acne. Therefore, junk food and some products that stimulate sebum production are banned. A recent scientific review has shown that subjects who follow a low glycemic index diet have lower inflammatory levels. High-glycemic foods, such as sodas and foods rich in refined sugars and flours, raise blood insulin levels.

This in turn triggers a high synthesis of androgen and IGF-1 hormones which increase sebum production. This mechanism determines the formation of irritants and painful pimples on the skin. Other foods that could promote similar inflammation are milk derivatives as they are rich in leucine which stimulates the formation of acne. Furthermore, even foods high in unsaturated fats could have a detrimental effect on the purity of the skin. In these cases it is always useful to follow the instructions of your specialist and follow a healthy diet.


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addition frying foods promote acne

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