Thefts in the locker rooms of the Webfit gym, a 30-year-old cook arrested

Thefts in the locker rooms of the Webfit gym, a 30-year-old cook arrested
Thefts in the locker rooms of the Webfit gym, a 30-year-old cook arrested

TRIESTE. He stole from the lockers of the men’s locker room of the “Webfit” gym in via Muratti, near viale XX Settembre. The prosecutor has investigated Daniele Mucciolo, 32, originally from Cava de ‘Tirreni in the province of Salerno but residing in Trieste for some time.

The young man, a chef in a downtown restaurant, was discovered by the Flying Squad. At the moment he is under house arrest with the possibility of going to work.

The thirty-year-old acted between July 12 and September 2 last. About ten thefts that are contested. The modus operandi was always the same: according to the investigations, Mucciolo forced the locks of the lockers, where the customers of the gym keep their bags and other personal effects, using two wrenches. Then he would look for the wallets and take the money.

So for example on 23 August, when a professional from Trieste complained about the theft of about 200 euros. According to what was reconstructed by the Mobile, that day Mucciolo struck between 9 and 10.30 in the morning.

On July 12, however, another customer had 468 euros blown away. Then there are those who reported the theft of 75 euros, some 30, some 65, some 70 or 100. The last blow dates back to 2 September: 15 euros disappeared from a person’s purse. It was early in the morning, 7.20.

The prosecutor has collected overwhelming evidence: the complaints of the robbed, the video footage of the hidden cameras installed by the Mobile in the men’s locker room, the data of the inputs contained in the electronic register of the Webfit, as well as the seizure of two wrenches and some banknotes stolen from one of the victims.

Mucciolo, we read in the judicial documents, was the only user always present in the gym on the days and times in which the thefts were committed.

The man (defended by the lawyers Anna Bembi and Laren Saina), questioned by the investigating judge Luigi Dainotti, made use of the right not to answer. –

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