“Suffice it to say that vaccines are not needed”

“Suffice it to say that vaccines are not needed”
“Suffice it to say that vaccines are not needed”

She had been hospitalized due to a minor fracture, but she never got out of thehospital because it’s dead after contracting the Covid give one’nurse no-vax. It happened to a 90-year-old woman Pistoia. «Suffice it to say that i vaccines they are not needed », the son’s words in an outburst.

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Unvaccinated nurse

“Instead of believing some stranger who comes up with the most bizarre theories, try to believe us too who found ourselves in the stormy sea”, the words of the son of Mirella Galdacci, the woman who died after testing positive for Covid in the San Jacopo hospital in Pistoia in mid-August. A ward nurse worked unvaccinated and allegedly infected patients. The old woman died a few days ago.

Fracture of the femur

«My mom – explains the son to the newspaper The Tyrrhenian Sea – had undergone surgery for a fracture of a femur. We were warned that it would be a very high-risk surgery, she knew it and accepted, but the surgery had been passed, the mother had no damage, the course was normal. What aggravated to the extreme was Covid pneumonia, as the doctors told me ».

“The heart is under too much pressure …”

“My old woman infected in the hospital, where she had to be protected instead. – he wrote about Facebook – Pneumonia, even if vaccinated, arrives; his body, his ninety-year-old heart were under too much pressure … It is not a disease like any other. This strikes, leaves its mark, separates people in their last days of life ».



Suffice vaccines needed

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