Fitness and Green pass, conflicting thoughts on the green card in gyms

Fitness and Green pass, conflicting thoughts on the green card in gyms
Fitness and Green pass, conflicting thoughts on the green card in gyms

The Green pass in gyms, mandatory since last August 6, is continuing to be discussed. On the one hand, there are those who are in favor of the measure, considering certification (and, across the board, vaccination) the only weapon to definitively exit the pandemic context. On the other hand, there are those who, contextualizing it with sporting activity, consider it a partial brake on the actual recovery. We have heard, in this regard, two opinions of experts who are placed in both positions:

«I have always been in favor of the issue of the Green pass – explained the personal trainer and massage physiotherapist Giorgio Molari – I consider it a question of respect. It is essential to reduce the risk of contagion in closed structures as much as possible, therefore it is something necessary. Otherwise, other people would be put at risk, the rules exist with a precise meaning. And if we want to go further we must reiterate the importance of the vaccine, only in this way will we be able to definitively put months of lockdown behind us that have had an incredible impact at all levels ».

Emanuela Vico, legal representative of a sports facility, has instead developed this other type of thought: «Basically there can be the issue of the mandatory Green pass but on a practical level we cannot deny that many gyms have come out penalized. There are many people who do not intend to get vaccinated and have frequent tampons, I am referring above all to the 12-17 year old range. In this way, children find themselves unable to play sports and consequently lose all the physical, social and psychological benefits that derive from it. Society also needs entertainment, I am speaking mainly of the little ones, after a year and a half of living out of the ordinary ».


Fitness Green pass conflicting thoughts green card gyms

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