The Medicine test under the lens “Three questions were wrong” –

The Medicine test under the lens “Three questions were wrong” –
The Medicine test under the lens “Three questions were wrong” –
from Valentina Santarpia

The ministry evaluates the disputes. Parliamentary question filed

A chemistry question, the 21, inserted between those of logic, and moreover with an answer considered incorrect. The solution to a question of biology, the 23, formulated according to the protesters in an ambiguous way. But also a question of logic, 2, which would not be congruent with the rules set out in the text. These are the main disputes that are raining down on the Medicine test, in which 76 thousand graduates participated last Friday with the hope of accessing the 14 thousand places made available for the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and 1200 for Dentistry and dental prostheses. Disputes that risk putting into question the final ranking of the most awaited (and contested) test in the Italian academic field.

The fuss is mounted day after day: initially they were rumors that were circulating on Facebook groups, when the students, sifting through the official texts of the test, began to advance some perplexities. Then came the local newspapers, which in Sicily put pen to paper the alleged blunders included in the test, strengthened by the opinions of legal experts in appeals. Codacons has added its load, announcing an appeal to the Lazio TAR for irregularities and violations of the provisions. And yesterday a parliamentary question also arrived, presented by Manuel Tuzi, M5S deputy of the Culture Commission, who asked Minister Crisina Messa to “shed light” on the “presumed presence of incorrect questions and answers not matched correctly”. The risk? «The students would see the final score altered: and we know that sometimes you enter for a few hundredths of a point. The presence of incorrect questions would affect the ranking and the possibility or not of accessing the degree course, or the university entered as a first choice », explains Tuzi.


From the ministry they let it be known that the technicians are evaluating all the reports: after all, a form is always active on the Mur programmed access site to allow candidates to report irregularities. In the case of medicine, doubts can be sent by 9 September. Also because then the selection procedure must go ahead: from 17 September each candidate will be able to see on Universitaly only the score obtained and published according to the label code that can be found by accessing their own reserved area. Then, on 24 September, always on the reserved page of the portal, candidates will be able to view their work, their personal data sheet and their score. Finally, from September 28, the publication of the national ranking of nominative merit is expected.

If indeed the “offending” questions were deemed wrong, what would happen? The same scenario could occur as seen for the ranking for the specializations of Medicine, blocked in 2020 for an application that contained an error dictated by the IT procedure. When the commission realized it, it decided to cancel that question and evaluate the test on the other 99. It went worse in 2014, when Minister Stefania Giannini, for a wrong question, had to have the same test repeated.

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