Medicine test 2021: questions and solutions from the MUR

Medicine test 2021: questions and solutions from the MUR
Medicine test 2021: questions and solutions from the MUR


Medicine test 2021, live from the test: progress, start, news on questions and at what time the solutions come out –
Source: Press office

After viewing the solutions of the test medicine 2021, candidates can get an idea of ​​the score they can aim for. Currently, however, it seems that some questions of the test may be judged wrong, or at least ambiguous, as stated in Facebook group dedicated to the entrance test. If the MUR chooses to cancel one or more of them, we will find out only with the exit of the ranking.

UPDATE AT 17:10: the solutions of the medicine test are online! The MUR, after a long and exhausting wait for all the candidates, has finally published the solutions of the test. According to experts, this year’s test seems to be more complicated than last year’s. Judge for yourself:

While we wait for the solutions of the admission test to medicine 2021, experts also gave an opinion on the test TestBusters who, on their Facebook page, made it clear that the test seemed more difficult than last year, with the only exception of general knowledge, especially in the parts of chemistry and mathematics and physics. The scores, therefore, could go down, but we will find out only after the release of the ranking.

At 16:30 the MUR has not yet loaded the solutions of the test medicine 2021. Students wait patiently to view the complete test text and calculate the score they can aspire to.

At 14:40 o’clock ended on medicine test 2021. The candidates are now preparing to leave the classrooms, after having handed in their personal data sheets and the answer sheet. Once outside the offices, they will be able to search for information on solutions and discuss with other candidates. What is the zapoteca? This is one of the questions that the over 60,000 candidates on the test had to answer in the part of general knowledge and logical reasoning. Candidates just have to wait for the solutions, expected shortly, and for the ranking to be released on September 28th.

Meanwhile, we have collected the hot impressions of a candidate who confessed to us that chemistry and biology were particularly difficult, while general culture feasible and logic complex but all in all sustainable.

The medicine test 2021 officially started at hours 13 in all state universities. The students showed up at the venues well in advance and will already be quite tried, but now they have 100 minutes in front of them to solve the 60 multiple choice questions that make up the test.

At 12 noon the access procedures to the premises where the test will take place are concluded. The students, now in their seats, can only get up to use the services. While waiting for the entry test to begin, they cannot review or consult any type of manual. Personal effects must in fact be left far from their place and also the pens that they will have to use for medicine test 2021 will be delivered directly by the commission.

All ore 10 the commissions continue with the student recognition practices, which are now settling in the places assigned for the test. Once in the classrooms they will have to leave backpacks, bags and smartphones in the places indicated by the teachers, reach their place and wait for the start of the medicine test 2021, scheduled for 13 o’clock. Students must complete the test by 2:40 pm, when the procedures for returning the tests will begin, under the watchful eye of the committees.

Starting from 8:00 in the morning the students who will play the Entry test they must present themselves at the locations indicated by the various Italian universities where the entrance test will take place starting at 1 pm. Medicine and surgery is a 6-year single-cycle master’s degree course and is one of those ad national programmed access.


The enrolled in the 2021 medicine test, according to the MUR data, they amount to 63,972 while the available places stop at 14.020, therefore, about one in five students will enter. The admission test to access the Master’s Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery consists of 60 multiple choice questions and must be completed in 100 minutes. The arguments? General culture and logic, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.


Also this year the medicine test takes place directly in the university closest to the residence of each candidate, a necessary measure to avoid travel between regions and contain the risk of contagion from Covid-19. Furthermore, candidates must demonstrate that they are in possession of a green pass and sign a certification on their state of health.


Before 1 pm, the commissions of the entrance test to medicine will deliver to each student a package containing:

  • a form for personal data;
  • i questions relactive for the admission test;
  • a reply form;
  • un sheet on which the identification code of the package is affixed as well as the indication ofateneo and the degree course to which the test refers.

During the course of the medical test he always advises you to pay attention to irregularities and violations, and in case of reporting them to the committees. Here you will find a list of the most frequently occurring irregularities.


the 2021 medicine test questions are divided as follows:

  • twelve (12) questions of general knowledge;
  • ten (10) of logical reasoning;
  • eighteen (18) of biology;
  • twelve (12) of chemistry;
  • eight (8) of physics and mathematics.

Each correct answer will be scored 1.5 points; those not given are worth 0; while the wrong ones -0.4.

Knowing the questions in advance is completely impossible, but there are a number of more frequent topics that the MUR has included in the tests of the last few years and which we have listed here.


the solutions of the test medicine 2021 will be released by the afternoon of September 3 on the site dedicated to tests for scheduled access. Last year the MUR published the official text of the test at 5:50 pm but, according to the departure time of the veterinary one which took place at 4 pm, it is likely that the Ministry will still leave it.

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