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If you don’t take these steps every day, your risk of dying increases

If you don’t take these steps every day, your risk of dying increases
If you don’t take these steps every day, your risk of dying increases

Who among us would not want to reduce the risk of serious illness or worse, of pathologies that then lead to death? Beyond a certain age threshold, the risks of hypertension, diabetes, stroke and heart attack inevitably rise, unless a capable prevention activity is carried out. To reduce the risks of serious diseases, proper nutrition is essential. For example, there are foods that are absolutely forbidden because they cause triglycerides to splash and increase the risk of heart attack.

Even regular physical activity can help a lot. For example, with more than 50 years of age, this activity done 20 minutes a day keeps the heart attack away. In this regard, a recent study from Harvard University is very interesting. This research has found the exact steps to take every day to reduce the risk of mortality by almost half.

If you don’t take these steps every day, your risk of dying increases

One of the most cited studies is that of the number of 10,000 steps, dating back to 1965. In this study it was argued that taking at least 10,000 steps a day reduces the risk of mortality linked to serious diseases. This suggestion was also taken up by the World Health Organization. But is it really so?
A recent study by a team of scientists from the American University of Harvard made an important discovery. To have significant reductions in mortality levels it is enough to take 4,400 steps a day. The research took into consideration the analyzes made on 17,000 women aged around 72. Each of them wore an instrument for 4 years that measured the number of daily steps and speed.

Well the results of this experiment are truly amazing.

In fact, they showed that women who took at least 4,400 steps a day had a 41% reduced mortality risk. But that is not all. The study revealed that the speed with which these steps are taken is irrelevant. That is, the 4,400 steps can be taken at the pace you prefer. So in practice, if you don’t take these steps every day, the risk of dying increases.

The latest really interesting discovery was that by increasing the number of steps up to 7,500 the risk of death continues to decrease. However, after 7,500 steps per day, the risk of death no longer decreases. So, according to this study, to reduce the risk of mortality, it takes between 4,400 and 7,500 steps every day. This number of steps corresponds to a distance of 3.3 km and 5.7 km.


Very few are aware of the results obtained with 15 minutes a day of this activity

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