Doctors “no vax”, 1,500 penalties on the way. Psychologists and veterinarians desert prophylaxis-

Doctors “no vax”, 1,500 penalties on the way. Psychologists and veterinarians desert prophylaxis-
Doctors “no vax”, 1,500 penalties on the way. Psychologists and veterinarians desert prophylaxis-

The problem mounts with the approval of the legislative decree establishing the obligation of Green pass for health professionals. For the Milan ATS, a first block of positions is opened to be verified: a folder of 17 thousand people. Of these, after the initial checks, 7,000 are in order: the share thus falls first to 10,000, then to 8,000. The first Pecs leave, in other cases paper letters. This leads to the first 1,500 assessment documents ready to be sent to orders. It is the step that closes a circle, but opens many others, of a difficult dialectic, but now on the agenda also on other fronts in the great and slippery debate on the application of the Green pass.

Green pass, no vax and vaccines: the latest news

The real news may not lie in the volume of the positions, but in the stories that arise behind these warnings. After months of controversy, only 3 percent of the no-vaxes in question are doctors or nurses. No doctors and only four nurses operating in health facilities. They are mainly psychologists, technicians, veterinarians, biologists. However, the number of red cards will tend to widen, when the 7,000 remaining positions traced by registered letter are ascertained. In the background remains the handbrake that they would like to pull in health facilities, worried by any holes in the staff that could open in a period already tormented by vacation plans. On the other hand, the urgency of politics, but also of public opinion, which underline how much the DL itself protects privacy rather than effectiveness. More form than substance.

Ma the front of the vaccination campaign remains decisive for lowering the crest of the fourth wave. Monday’s bulletin also confirms the scenario that doctors and epidemiologists have taken into account for the near future. There are 208 new cases in Lombardy, 100 in the province of Milan. The positivity rate, although marred by the historic drop in tampons on Sunday, rises to 1.7 percent, the highest figure since June 3. These are the signs that the Delta variant has changed pace, but also that the dam raised by vaccines is holding back the trend in hospitalizations. Stable, even on Monday. With intensive care at 30 (-1) and hospitalizations in other Covid departments at 138 (+3). Data now horizontal for about ten days. Nobody bets against Covid anymore, but these are numbers that will weigh more and more in view of any restrictions the government is working on. Using a roof of shelters to sanction the passage in the yellow zone. The idea would be to consider the 5 percent threshold for intensive care and 10% for ordinary hospitalizations. Lombardy retains a fair buffer: to date 2.1 percent of both resuscitation and other departments are employed.

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