This fish puts our health at risk and yet many buy it

This fish puts our health at risk and yet many buy it
This fish puts our health at risk and yet many buy it

We are used to thinking that fish are an excellent nutritional food. In particular, white fish is highly recommended for its nutritional values. But not all fish are the same. There is a species of white fish that has lower nutritional values ​​than others and that can also pose a health problem. This fish puts our health at risk and yet many buy it without knowing the danger they are running.

Cod, hake, sole, sea bream, sea bass, plaice, are rich in high biological value proteins. In addition, they are rich in mineral salts and vitamins A, B1 and D. Nutrition experts recommend their consumption for a healthy diet and as a prevention to some serious diseases. We know that those with cholesterol problems should include a lot of fish in their diet, even if not all species are good. For example, swordfish and pangasius are not recommended. These are 2 fish to avoid because they are at risk of health and do not fight cholesterol.

This fish puts our health at risk and yet many buy it

Pangasius not only has poor nutritional values, but it also has another problem, it can pose a risk to our health. Pangasius is a white fish and proliferates in fresh water. This species comes almost exclusively from Southeast Asia, in particular from farms at the mouth of the Mekong River, one of the most polluted rivers in the world. For this reason, the European health authorities have kept it in the spotlight for years. In Europe, and in Italy, in recent years the authorities have seized several batches because they contain a higher than normal level of mercury. Some large-scale distribution companies have banned it by deciding not to sell it.

Yet pangasius is very popular with consumers, for a very practical reason. This is one of the cheapest species and is perhaps the least expensive white fish of all. Pangasius has a lower price than other species due to its intensive breeding and very low production costs. Yet there are those who appreciate it very much because it is without thorns, without skin and has a delicate flavor. It may also happen that those who are not experts mistake it for hake. Be careful not to make this mistake. Hake costs two and a half times more per kilo than pangasius.


These foods are absolutely forbidden to fight thyroid, cholesterol, hypertension and to lose weight

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