Sea, how to bring food to the beach? Here are the solutions

To go to the beach it is essential to have the way to take food safe and cool with you: here are the possible ideas to do so

What a desire for the sea. The (Italian) summer is coming to life, it’s time to take a break from study and work to enjoy the holidays. To do this in the best possible way, however, it is essential to equip yourself with the right purchases to increase the degree of comfort and take the right relaxation after a complicated period. On First Choice (click here) we have already dedicated several review articles on products designed for the summer: from the best bluetooth speakers (click here) to men’s costumes so as not to go unnoticed (click here), from awnings (click here) ) to the solutions to use the smartphone in the water (click here). Now let’s see the best proposals online to bring food to the beach.

Sea, how to bring food to the beach? –

THERMAL – Let’s start with a beautiful, elegant, functional and classy cooler. This Lifewit model is also discounted in these hours on Amazon, with the price reduced by 21%: considering that we are in the middle of summer and that it is a very useful product, the opportunity is extremely tempting. This model has a capacity of 23 liters and is characterized by excellent insulation and the possibility of using different pockets.

FUN – There are also more captivating and original solutions from an aesthetic point of view, like this bag by Guzzini to take food to the beach. It is a model that also includes the container in the photo and can be purchased in different versions, so as to adapt it to your tastes.


BAG – There is also the possibility to choose models that, at first glance, look like real bags. Very interesting, therefore, this solution by Hapup, with a capacity of 10 liters and very insulating: nothing is missing.


PORTABLE FRIDGE – We conclude with the most “demanding” solution, both from the comfort and economic point of view. But this is the purchase that would make your days at the beach: portable fridge with 24 liters of capacity.

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Sea bring food beach solutions

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