Do not reuse ice cream tubs as they can be dangerous to your health

Do not reuse ice cream tubs as they can be dangerous to your health
Do not reuse ice cream tubs as they can be dangerous to your health

With the summer comes the massive consumption of ice cream and so too the numerous plastic containers placed in the freezer. But not everyone knows that it is better not to reuse the ice cream tubs because they can be dangerous to health. In fact, once the ice cream has been consumed, there is a tendency to reuse the packaging to preserve food or freeze other foods. Although this may prove to be practical, unfortunately, it hides some risks. Let’s see what they are and if possible, it is always recommended to prepare ice cream yourself at home.

Do not reuse ice cream tubs as they can be dangerous to your health

The packaging of ice cream mainly consists of thermoplastic materials that deform at higher temperatures. This can cause harmful substances to penetrate and dissolve in food. Many people have the habit of recycling containers that contain liquids or food. For example, plastic bottles that are used for mineral water and then recycled to store wine. Following the ice cream tubs kept in the freezer and reused for hot food. Furthermore, according to one statistic, 34.4% of people do not throw away the freezer bags, but use them to freeze again.

These things are part of the bad habits that you absolutely need to change.

The advices

The Zooprophylactic Institute of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta has promoted research on a national scale, where it highlights the risks of reusing plastic containers and films.

Research shows that bisphenol A in some dishes and plastics is dangerous. However, according to the assessment of the European Food Safety Authorities, the quantity used is not harmful to the body. Then, there are also other substances contained in the bottles the phthalates and in the non-stick pans the Teflon.

And here are some basic rules issued by the Zooprophylactic Institute that are very simple and effective:

a) do not use plastic bottles several times (for example those of mineral water for oil, wine, etc.), the same applies to food containers such as tubs of ice cream;

b) plastic bottles must be stored correctly, not exposed to light and in a cool place, here is our guide with all the indications: there are 7 tips for storing bottled water correctly that few follow but would do good to put them all into practice

c) buy CE-marked food film.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted who”)


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