Here are the 3 unsuspected habits that help prevent Parkinson’s

Here are the 3 unsuspected habits that help prevent Parkinson’s
Here are the 3 unsuspected habits that help prevent Parkinson’s

When we talk about serious and incurable diseases, we often don’t know how to prevent their onset except with a healthy lifestyle. In particular, with regard to Parkinson’s, it is not always known which habits to follow and which ones to avoid to avoid it.

Yet, several recent studies have identified three factors that appear to protect against this disease, one of which is unsuspected. By continuing to read, we will see what this is all about.

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Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease that typically occurs between the ages of 60 and 90. There is currently no cure, but drug treatments help control symptoms. A small fraction of Parkinson’s cases are due to genetics, but in general the disease is caused by a bad lifestyle. in fact, the positive side is that by living healthily it is possible to reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s.

That’s why knowing the 3 unsuspected habits that help prevent Parkinson’s is so important. Logically, it’s just about decreasing the risk, so it doesn’t mean that following these habits you will never get Parkinson’s. Furthermore, as we will see, one of these habits is not healthy at all and therefore, while curiously reducing the risk of Parkinson’s, it is better not to follow it.

Here are the 3 unsuspected habits that help prevent Parkinson’s

For several years it has been known that to prevent neurodegenerative diseases and live healthily, following a healthy and balanced lifestyle is essential. Therefore, practicing physical activity and following a genuine diet are the most important things. Yet, in recent years, 3 factors have been discovered that appear to protect against Parkinson’s:

a) smoking: well, in some studies it was found that smokers have a lower risk of suffering from Parkinson’s. Logically, this is a decrease that does not justify starting to smoke, given all the side effects that cigarettes have.

b) drinking coffee: here too, in various studies it has been observed that those who consume more coffee are less prone to Parkinson’s.

c) drinking tea: as with coffee, even here those who drink a lot of tea would seem to be affected less frequently by Parkinson’s.

In conclusion, these are the three factors that hinder, at least in part, the onset of this pathology. Still, eating a healthy diet and exercising protect much more than just Parkinson’s.

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