Laura Boldrini: “So I discovered I have a sarcoma in the femur” – Health and Wellness

Laura Boldrini: “So I discovered I have a sarcoma in the femur” – Health and Wellness
Laura Boldrini: “So I discovered I have a sarcoma in the femur” – Health and Wellness

ROMA. “My personal experience dates back to these months: I had an operation for two and a half months, I had a chondrosarcoma in my femur. This tumor was removed by cutting 23 centimeters of the femur. Today there is a titanium prosthesis in its place. “. Speaking, on the occasion of the presentation of an awareness campaign on sarcomas, is the former president of the Chamber and deputy Laura Boldrini.
“I discovered this disease by chance: I had pain from the buttock to the groin that reached the thigh but I thought it was the sciatic nerve – she pointed out -. A friend led me to visit an orthopedist, who advised me to do an MRI of the pelvis. A mass emerged. The radiologist referred me to a specialist. I did a Total Body, the Pet. Suddenly, I directly experienced the existence of words that I had only heard about the media. of information “. With the diagnosis of cancer “we enter another world”, adds Boldrini. “It is a journey of knowledge – he stresses – also of human relationships. You can see what it means to have impossible medical rhythms and personnel dedicated to restoring dignity to people. You also experience the strength of sick people. It is also an inner journey, yes it relates to pain, fear and uncertainty. A way to deal with oneself “.
“I feel the duty – notes the former Speaker of the Chamber – not to avoid raising awareness on sarcomas, rare cancers, and also to try to do my part, as much as possible, to help unblock the situation of the national cancer network. rare, which still does not work fully today.
I will try to help out within my prerogatives to be able to understand how to unlock it. The European one they tell me is working well, the Italian one is blocked due to obstacles that are not yet very clear concerning the Ministry of Health and Agenas, the national agency for regional health services, but also the territories and structures themselves. It will be necessary to understand how to facilitate this path. It is difficult to arrive at a diagnosis, it is true that today it is necessary to move to go for treatment elsewhere and finding information is not easy. This must be overcome: on my part, the commitment to seek solutions for the benefit of all and all “.


Laura Boldrini discovered sarcoma femur Health Wellness

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