Google is developing an app to manage medical records: here is Google Health (photo)

Federica Papagni

01/07/2021 ore 12:46

It would seem that Google is working on a new health app (Google Health), which will allow users to integrate and manage their medical records and share them with family or friends, and to disseminate some details, as well as screenshots, is the well-known leaker Ishan Agarwal.

The interface shown in the image is quite standard with at the bottom the various selectable tabs, namely Profile, Record, Contacts and Sharing, thus making it clear that the app will ask users for authorization to access contacts and share. Thanks to this new solution, users will be able to have one at their fingertips unified vision of their medical records simply by linking all online accounts of the places where you received health care.

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Furthermore, as the insider himself pointed out, since it is an application intended for the management of one’s own medical records, it could be combined with Google Fit, which instead deals with Health monitoring, thus making it a valid opponent for Apple’s Health app.

This health app is currently in early stages of its development, therefore it is not possible to know with certainty, much less to state when and if it will see the light. Probably if it is launched, at first it will be available for Android devices, and then also land on iOS ones at a later time.


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Google developing app manage medical records Google Health photo

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