Covid, WHO Europe: cases up 10% after two months of decline

Covid, WHO Europe: cases up 10% after two months of decline
Covid, WHO Europe: cases up 10% after two months of decline

After two months of decline, cases of Covid-19 in Europe have started to rise again, raising the risk of a new wave “unless we remain disciplined”. This was stated by the regional director of the World Health Organization for Europe, Hans Kluge, at a press conference.
“In the past week, the number of cases increased by 10% due to increased travel, crowds and loosening of restrictions,” Kluge stressed. (COVID VACCINE: DATA AND GRAPHICS ON ADMINISTRATIONS IN ITALY, REGION BY REGION)

WHO: worries about the spread of the Delta variant

“This development comes in the context of a rapidly evolving situation with the Delta variant that is worrying and in an area where, despite the considerable efforts of Member States, millions of people are still not vaccinated,” said the WHO director. Europe, talking about the new increase in coronavirus cases.
Last week the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control estimated that by the end of August the Delta variant will account for 90% of new Covid-19 cases in the European Union. The concern of the UN agency is that not all the European population will be fully vaccinated by that date: “63% are still waiting for the first dose and the restrictions will be less and less, while travel and gatherings will increase”.

Europeans, WHO: improve spectator monitoring


Covid in Italy and in the world: the latest news of 1 July. LIVE

The WHO, in light of the trend of infections from Covid-19, also expressed itself on the management of spectators at the European football championships, urging “better monitoring” and inviting the cities that will host the latest European football matches to carry out more accurate checks during the movements of spectators, even before their arrival and after their departure from the stadium. “We have to look beyond the stadiums,” said Catherine Smallwood, a WHO European official, at a press conference.


Covid Europe cases months decline

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