Can Yaman comes the book “It seems strange to me too”

Can Yaman “It seems strange to me too” the book by the Turkish actor. “For the first time I have decided to tell you about myself. All the way, without filters. I want to tell you my truth“.

“Now I’ll tell you”: the Turkish actor Can Yaman announces the publication of his book on Instagram. A video shows Can around Rome. The Eternal City, today, hosts him for his commitments with the Lux Vide (Purple like the sea and in February Sandokan). City that Can seems to like a lot.

The book will be available in retail outlets and digital stores from 30 November 2021.

Many books have come out about Can Yaman, today, he decides to be the one to tell his story. And after the perfume with its favorite “notes” comes a sort of biography entitled “Can Yaman seems strange to me too“. The book is published by Mondadori.

The book can also be pre-ordered on Amazon. (Also free a sample of his perfume “Can Yaman Mania”)

Women love him, men would like to be in his place.
With millions of fans around the world, Can Yaman is the actor of the moment. But who is he really? What is hidden behind his magnetic eyes and his flawless talent? For the first time, Can decides to get naked in an intimate and private autobiography. Rewinding the thread of memories, it goes back to the distant days of childhood and the tumultuous days of youth to tell everything that happened before popularity. The bond with the family and the economic difficulties, the years of study and the relationship with women: a story that is not afraid to reveal the chiaroscuro of an extraordinary and complicated life at the same time. An unpublished, true and surprising portrait that tells the story of a man, and not the successes of a star.


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