TV shows tonight, 11 June 2021: what to watch

Between TV Programs on air tonight stands out on Raiuno the debut of our national team at Euro 2020: Roberto Mancini’s blues will face Turkey at the Olimpico. Channel 5instead, it will broadcast the film “A crazy passion“, Ideal for those who love films full of twists and turns. Who appreciates the TV series will instead follow “Murder in Easttown” su Sky Atlantic.

What to watch on TV tonight: the programs not to be missed on June 11th

The programs of the main free-to-air and pay channels in prime time: here’s what to watch on TV.

Rai1 – 8.30 pm Turkey-Italy FOOTBALL

It is the inaugural match of Euro 2020, which is played at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, where about 14 thousand people will be present. The Azzurri are in the same group as Switzerland and Wales, in addition to Turkey. For the second time in the history of our national team, the Azzurri’s opponent in the first European match will be Turkey: the last precedent dates back to 2000 when a 2-1 victory came. Kick-off at 9 pm.

Rai2 – 9.20 pm Stay away from my daughter FILM

First run TV movie with Alex McKenna, Joey Rae Blair, Adam Huss, Juliana Dever. The protagonist of the story is Kristen, who is preparing to marry the love of her life, Ryan, who has a ten-year-old daughter. Shortly before the wedding, his ex shows up and tells a shocking truth: ten years earlier the man had run away taking the newborn girl with him. And now the life of the betrothed is also at risk.

Rai3 – 9.20 pm Sissi, the fate of an empress FILM

Films with Romy Schneider, Karlheinz Böhm, Magda Schneider, Gustav Knuth. This is the plot: Sissi rises to the throne after her wedding with Francesco Giuseppe and shows great charisma despite her young age. The girl will discover that she is ill and will be forced to leave Vienna in order to be cured. The court doctor will invite her to move to Italy, but the situation will be more complex than expected.

Rete4 – 9.20 pm Fourth Grade – The Stories NEWS ‘

The program conducted by Gianluigi Nuzzi and Alessandra Viero opens with the case of Denise Pipitone, the little girl who disappeared from the entrance hall at the age of four, on 1 September 2004, in Mazara del Vallo. The investigation restarts from the house where Anna Corona lived, one of the main trends that the investigators are following to solve the mystery of a room with a lowered roof. At the center of the episode also the story of Saman Abbas, the girl of Pakistani origins who disappeared into thin air on 30 April from Novellara (Reggio Emilia). The investigator thinks she was killed by her uncle: the family would not have accepted the fact that the young woman was convincingly refusing the arranged marriage in Pakistan with a cousin.

Canale5 – 9.20 pm A crazy passion FILM

First run TV movie with Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Rhys Ifans, Toby Jones. The story is set in 1929: George Pemberton and his young wife Serena move from Boston to the mountains of North Carolina to devote themselves to the timber trade. The two get rich in a short time and show that they have no qualms, to the point of being willing to kill those who put them in difficulty. Following an accident, the woman discovers that she cannot have children and is ready to kill Rachel, the young woman with whom George had a child before marriage.

Italia1 – 9:25 pm Mom, I got measles! MOVIE

Film with Alex D. Linz, Olek Krupa, Rya Kihlstedt, Lenny Von Dohlen, Scarlett Johansson. The protagonist of the story is Alex, a child who is forced to stay indoors due to measles. Mom and dad decide to console him by giving him a toy he has long wanted. Inside the remote controlled car, however, a gang of criminals has inserted a very precious microchip.

Foto: Pixabay

Events not to be missed on Sky: the most interesting programs

Sky Atlantic will broadcast at 9.15 pm “Murder in Easttown”, With Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce. The Academy Award-winning actress plays Mary Sheehan, a police investigator who finds herself working in a Pennsylvania town where a murder has occurred. The woman immediately appears cynical, but in reality she is trying to overcome a bereavement that has marked her, as well as having to raise the child alone after separating from her husband.

Sky programs for those who love cinema

Those looking for a funny comedy can follow “A woman as a friend“, Broadcast at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno, directed by Giovanni Veronesi, with Fabio De Luigi, Laetitia Casta, Geppi Cucciari, Adriano Giannini, Valentina Lodovini, Valeria Solarino. The protagonists are Francesco and Claudia, lifelong friends but profoundly different from each other: he is a lawyer transplanted to Lecce, while she is always ready to have fun and upset his life. The two will find love with different people, but will soon discover that they cannot be separated from each other.

Emotions guaranteed for those who decide to follow “Come back to to win“, Broadcast at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Collection (channel 304). The protagonist of the film is Jack Cunningham, a former basketball promise who became addicted to alcohol following a loss from which he has never recovered. But an opportunity soon arrives for him to redeem himself when he is put in charge of coaching his old high school basketball team.

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