Damiano David by Maneskin, the nude selfie in the mirror: Love each other friends

Before taking the stage at AMA’s, Damiano David of Maneskin posted a fully nude selfie. The invitation, reaffirmed shortly after, is: love each other.

Damiano David is an icon of the world of music, but not only, also of fashion. The singer is experiencing a golden age with his band, racking up success and award after award. The last is the one, very prestigious, won at the MTV EMA’s, where the Maneskin won the title of Best Rock, bypassing names of the caliber of Coldplay, The Killers, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and Imagine Dragons. Each of their performances is a performance that manages to conquer the public for energy and freshness: on the one hand the musical talent and on the other the captivating aesthetics. The group deserves credit for communicate a lot with your body and clothing, to affirm the need to be free, freeing oneself from toxic labels and stereotypes.

I Maneskin e la moda genderless

Maneskin’s favorite looks are genderless ones. The band with their music and their style wants to communicate a universal message: a hymn to individual freedom, against any social imposition. This is why the four components tend to dress first in a coordinated way, but going against the traditional canons that provide for one rigid distinction between women’s and men’s clothing. Damiano on stage is perfectly at ease in really heterogeneous clothes: we have seen him in a skirt, with a leotard, with high heels.

foto via Instagram Story @ykaaar

Vice versa, Victoria prefers the mannish outfits: with the Maneskin she feels fully herself, after years in which instead she felt the obligation of having to dress necessarily in a certain way, the way that everyone expected from her for the just being a woman. Since she was a child, on the other hand, she loves to dress like a boy rather than wearing skirts. Today she has learned to transfer her impulse of freedom to rock, to surround herself with open people and she has stopped feeling wrong: she accepts and loves herself exactly for what she is, without feeling anymore the weight of the expectations of others.

foto via Instagram Story @ykaaar

foto via Instagram Story @ykaaar

Damiano David naked

Not everyone likes Maneskin looks. Recently they have been heavily criticized by the Senator of the League Simone Pillon, who was indignant seeing Damiano “in culottes and garters“. In response, they showed up on the AMA’s stage in a tuxedo and ‘paPillon’, as they were promised. Before the performance, the singer released a photo of himself naked. It is not the first time: in the past she has already posed without veils showing off the many tattoos she has on her body.

In the selfie she is in front of the mirror and there is a heart-shaped emoticon strategically placed on her private parts. Damiano David she has no problems with her body or with her clothes. He doesn’t care about gratuitous criticisms and offenses, he continues straight on his way, proud and sure of himself, of who he is, of what he wants and totally willing to dress as he likes. He wants to feel at ease and he wants it to be like that for everyone, without having to submit to labels of any kind. For this reason, in the Instagram Stories, with the help of a special filter, he also reminded his followers of an important reminder, which seems to be the imperative that guides his life in everything he does: Love each other friends” he wrote.

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