The Titanic effect that is transforming ‘Vita da Carlo’ into a cult series

The Titanic effect that is transforming ‘Vita da Carlo’ into a cult series
The Titanic effect that is transforming ‘Vita da Carlo’ into a cult series

AGI – At this rate, in the wake of the strategic invention-reality mix on which the whole series rests, we will see fans with signs under the house (true) by Carlo Verdone who instead of invoking his election as mayor of Rome (fiction, but with a truthful matrix), will implore the second season of ‘Vita da Carlo’.

A few days after its release on Amazon Prime Video ‘Vita da Carlo’, Verdon’s first foray into television series has already become a cult certified by numbers, by declarations of faith, from the ‘Vita da Carlo’ marathons with the series seen in one breath and to the following is the ‘Titanic’ effect by worshipers who see and review the ten episodes of the series.

The platform does not provide data on any surge in subscriptions, but the 58 million results on Google, the infinite number of tweets on Twitter, the new Facebook group “Vita da Carlo” (the description is eloquent: “For all lovers of the great Carlo Verdone. The new series is already at the top, dajee all Carlo! “) Which is added to the various” We who love Carlo Verdone ” Carlo Verdone’s fans’ ‘Carlo Verdone a myth’ and so on adoring testify that success is great , big and obviously Verdone.

And the hopes of those who, not satisfied by the ten half-hour episodes of the first season, yearn for an encore, could be satisfied. At the Lecce European Festival Verdone declared that producer De Laurentiis gave him freedom of choice between a new film and a new series) and that the second season depends only on him (and on his loyalty to the cinema and theaters, threatened by the success of series like his): “I’m not writing anything yet, I have some ideas ready for a possible film and some starting point for a hypothetical second season of Vita da Carlo, but we haven’t had any meetings with the writers yet ”.

Glass half-full optimists will read it as a yes. Meanwhile, “Vita da Carlo” is giving life, together with the Titanic effect, also to the hunt for curiosities, the most convincing characters and jokes destined to become catchphrases to accompany the cinema “One day I came across a freighter flying the Liberian flag” or “Marisoool”, not surprisingly mentioned on TV.

In the series that puts Verdone’s family life into a comedy, his friends, the historical hypochondria, the longing for a privacy denied by the impossibility of leaving the house without someone asking him “if I take a selfie?” the obsession for the characters-masks of his films, the unconditional love for Rome and the anger of seeing it so badly reduced, social media, admiration for the beauty of Caterina De Angelis, the daughter of Margherita Buy, who plays the daughter of Carlo, undoubtedly elect the true producer played by Stefano Ambrogi. The one who with blows of “er audience vole laughs!” and “On page three I wanted to fire, I only touch the cojoni to name him” he rejects from his office the screenwriter that Carlo had entrusted to him

The joke of the producer makes a verse to Aurelio De Laurentiis and that in the wake of ‘O famo strange?’ of the cult ‘Honeymoons’, begs an ‘old family’. Because the public “vole laughs”, especially after the dark times of the lockdown, with Max Tortora, Andrea Pennacchi, the Guerritore, the cameos of Roberto d’Agostino, Paolo Calabresi, Alessandro Haber. And who knows if Verdone, who can’t say no even to a selfie, will endure the second season.

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