“Let the Queen intervene”: the US-UK diplomatic incident breaks out

“Let the Queen intervene”: the US-UK diplomatic incident breaks out
“Let the Queen intervene”: the US-UK diplomatic incident breaks out

Once again Meghan Markle he knowingly ignored one of the Windsor’s cardinal rules – political neutrality – by writing a letter to the United States Congress to promote the approval of paid parental leave. This time around, however, Queen Elizabeth could really lose her temper and revoke her title of Duchess of Sussex.

Leave for new parents

Meghan addressed the US Congress by writing a long message to Chuck Schumer, Senate head dem and the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. In this letter, reported by the site “Paid Leave for All”, the Duchess told some details of her daily life, of the parents’ experience that she and Prince Harry are living with Archie and Lilibet Diana: “Harry and I, like all parents, were delighted to welcome the children. Like many parents, we found ourselves overwhelmed by the many necessary attention ” and added: “Like far fewer parents, however, we didn’t have to deal with the harsh reality. Nowadays too many have to choose whether to be present in the family and therefore do the good of the child, or go to work, because otherwise they have no pay. Nobody should be in a similar position ”.

Meghan Markle touched on a delicate and very current topic in the United States, presenting herself as a champion of the initiative of Biden, “American Families Plan”, which provides 12 weeks of paid leave of up to 80% and showing its willingness to fight for the project to be approved. Too bad that he got the timing wrong and, perhaps, did not fully understand the terms of the debate. The American Families Plan has already been approved. Without Meghan’s help. The only discussion still open concerned the number of weeks of leave. The Duchess, according to what was reported by Marie Claire, tried to take credit for this success, instead she only made a fool of herself.

In the letter, defined “Cloying”, the Duchess did not spare the rhetoric: “By taking care of her child, a mother takes care of the community, therefore of her country”. There is also a reference to modest childhood: “I grew up on Sizzler’s $ 4.99 salads. Maybe they cost even less, but I remember what it meant, that is to understand that mum and dad couldn’t afford anything more expensive ”. The Duchess closes the letter by emphasizing the distance between her experience as a mother and politics: “Because I was not elected and I am not a politician, I am simply writing to you as a mother, on behalf of millions of American families.” Finally he signed the letter with his name, that of the principe Harry and his children.

Political career in sight?

The letter Meghan Markle is harmless only in appearance. In fact, his every word has a political value and some members of Congress, including Jason Smith of Missouri, have shouted at the diplomatic incident, demanding the intervention of the Queen Elizabeth and accusing Meghan Markle of abusing her title. Once again, therefore, the Sussexes have broken the rule of political neutrality in the royal family. True, they are no longer senior members of the Windsors, they have moved away from the court, but they continue to carry a title that binds them to the Crown. And they don’t seem eager to get rid of it, far from it, as it’s their pass to an overseas career.

If Meghan is looking for an opening for a future political career, she is in the wrong direction. The matter is serious and His Majesty may decide to revoke their title from the dukes. The diplomatic incident has already been touched upon when the couple urged voters not to vote for Trump in the US elections. THE Sussex, however, they appear to be repeat offenders. What will the Queen do this time? Will he let go to avoid controversy or will he take irrevocable measures?

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