“At 9, watching TV, I decided that I would marry Eros Ramazzotti” – Corriere.it

“At 9, watching TV, I decided that I would marry Eros Ramazzotti” – Corriere.it
“At 9, watching TV, I decided that I would marry Eros Ramazzotti” – Corriere.it

“My third life has begun now, with a haircut against the cliché that equates femininity with long hair. And with the project to open a martial arts gym for girls “

“In the first part of my life it all seemed written, with incredible coincidences. Think chef at 9, watching TV, I decided that I would marry Aurora’s father (Eros Ramazzotti, ed) and my mother said: “But this is crazy” ». Like this Michelle Hunziker tells the weekly F, which dedicates the cover of the issue on newsstands to her from Wednesday 27 October, his “three lives”. The first, in fact, brings her little more than a child (she was 16) from Switzerland to our country, following her mother in love with an Italian. From coincidence to coincidence, the first works arrive on TV, the dream of marrying Eros Ramazzotti is crowned, Aurora is born. But then, the traumatic experience of the sect
, which wrecks the marriage and distances her from everyone: “I thought those were good people,” explains Michelle to F. “I defended them with the sword until I realized by myself that that thing was hurting me.”

The second life leads her the second husband, Tomaso Trussardi, father of Sole and Celeste: «He arrived and broke down the door of my heart. He is one who never gives up, even in the face of a woman who thought she would never rebuild a family (…). Though he was also younger, but it immediately gave me the sense of the project, something that was missing in the few experiences I had after my first husband ».

The beginning of the third life is symbolized by shorter hair that Michelle flaunts on the cover of F. «Everyone said to me: what are you doing? That’s your brand! I didn’t do it for fashion, there was a deeper motivation. It was an attempt to get rid of so many clichés. We have this vision of femininity with long hair and instead I really wanted to counter this. It was a symbolic break with a previous life. The one I have always done, based on the compulsive care of others. Enough now, I said, I take time for myself. And in fact three times a week I’m not there for anyone, I train practicing a full contact martial art: the Kyokushinkai. The ultimate goal is to open a dojo in Milan, a gym where I can teach girls what I have learned. He knows that 90 percent of women are unable to defend themselves if you meet an attacker on the street? ».

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