Advances Love is in the air: BURAK wants EDA?

Among the new most important characters of second season from Love Is In The Air must certainly be counted Burak (Sinan Helvacı), a new friend of Eda Yildiz (Hande Ercel).

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In addition to triggering the immediate jealousy of Serkan Bolat (Kerem Bursin), the man will soon give the impression of being interested in our protagonist and will have a rather particular bond with the little girl Cherry (Maya Basol), the daughter of Eda.

Love Is In The Air, news: Eda and Serkan broke up but …

If you’ve ever read our previous posts dedicated to advances you already know that, five years after the grand finale of the first season, Eda and Serkan may not have been able to carry on with their relationship, which ended mainly due to brain cancer – now in remission – diagnosed by the architect.

By now with a degree in landscaping, Yildiz will also have become the mother of Cherry, a little girl with a keen sense of irony and a temper that is anything but docile. Over the course of a morning, Kiraz will decide to go and pick blackberries and will risk being run over by Serkan, who at that point decides to accompany her to the hotel where her mother works.

By acting in this way, Bolat will see Eda again after a long time but he will not be able at the moment to understand that Kiraz is his daughter.

Love Is In The Air, spoiler: Burak and the “paternal” bond with Kiraz

In all of this, viewers will have to pay attention to the figure of Burak, a young employee who works in the same hotel where Eda will have been hired to take care of the landscaping.

Affable and sweet, the man will have been something of a father to Kiraz, even if he doesn’t share his blood. Not by chance, Ayfer (Evrim Dogan) will have begun to see Burak as a possible new partner for Yildiz, still in love with Serkan despite the many years gone by.

He will also be of the same opinion Melo (Elcin Afacan), who will feel a deep sympathy for Burak. But, in any case, Eda will not seem to want to go beyond a simple friendship with him. Will the man be of the same opinion or not?

Love Is In The Air, trame: Burak vuole Eda?

While waiting to have the answer to this question, we point out that the closeness between Eda and Burak, albeit on a friendly level, will not go unnoticed by Serkan, who will decide to take a closer look at his ex and will take over the renovation project of the hotel, previously assigned to Piril (Basak Gümülcinelioğlu).

Between one misunderstanding and another, Serkan will then fall into a big misunderstanding and will come to think that Kiraz is Burak’s own daughter. So how will she react as soon as she learns that the girl’s mother is Eda? To stay up to date on this topic, follow us on Google News by going to this page and clicking the button with the “star”.

Burak, Kiraz e Serkan / Love is in the air

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